denim + faux fur

FAUX. Here we are with yet another faux fur. Honestly I’m starting to suspect that they’re multiplying behind my back. I swear that everytime I go up to the attic to serach for something, I find a new one! Not that I’m complaining ;)

This particular one is a sale find from H&M that I bought a year or two ago and it’s actually surprisingly warm for a faux fur, but it doesn’t quite qualify into the perfect winter jacket category. I guess that the never ending search continues..

H&M faux fur. AMERICAN APPAREL denim shirt. ZARA pants. REBECCA MINKOFF bag. DIN SKO shoes.

126 thoughts on “denim + faux fur

  1. Hey Carolina..

    This outfit is so stylish..I love the denim Shirt with this faux-fur and the leather trousers..
    It’s so great from you that you wear faux-fur..Keep that..

    Please check out my brand new blog..
    Represnts my point of view for fashion..

    Do not forget to follow me..
    Always follow back..

    Kisses ;)

  2. Love everything you wear! and you’re just pretty… even prettier when you smile :)

  3. Love the neutral look of your makeup, so weird to see you without those signature red lips but you look amazing!

  4. I always love stocking you to find the beesttt furs. Like literally always?! <3 this & how fantastic it is with the denim!

  5. Oh i love your outfit! this fur jacket is so great! You definitely have a new follower ;-) perhaps you feel like visiting also my blog, I’m very new to all this blogging world and so I’m very happy about advices and so! have a lovely day xxx Anita

  6. Hi Carolina, could you tell me where have you bought RABITO? I’m in tokyo but I’m not able to find it. Thanks, Andrea

  7. one of the best outfits that you ever worn in my opinion…love the combo with fur and denim shirt…great.. and the natural make-up is gorgeous on you…!!!xxx eva

  8. I love your blog girl! since many years you have been an inspiration to me! If you wanna check my blog and see what you have done to my style! hhaha :) I’m jocking, but I really think u have an amazing style! whenever you come to Barcelona, let me know! :D

  9. Love the jacket. Weird to see you without the red lips…like it though! Is it weird for me to say you have a gorgeous smile?

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