deep freeze by Karen Walker

karenwalker-deepfreezeJacket, mums old. Long sleeved top, Weekday. Sunglasses, Karen Walker.

WEDNESDAY. I bought the most amazing Karen Walker sunglasses the other day (yep, the same ones I did a post on a couple of weeks ago). I think they’re absolutely gorgeous and I’m pretty sure we will be inseparable this summer.
Oh and yes, that’s a lipstick in my hand, it’s from Wet’n’wild and it has the perfect shade of red..

38 thoughts on “deep freeze by Karen Walker

  1. you look amazing, so chic.

    i’ve been searching everyone for the perfect shades for summer, i’m jealous you’ve found them!


  2. I should be getting to college but I just want to keep looking at your posts! Your inhibiting my career :) But, you do inspire me everyday and nothing can beat that. Looking forward to more frequent updates! Lots of Aussie luv x

  3. ps, what’s the name of that lippy? the colour is perfect for summer!


  4. First off
    i heart this picture
    second i loveeeee red lipstick
    third those are the shades i want!!
    but i want them in blue :) i think they’ll go great against my complexion BUT i was gonna turn them into those transitional lenses-you know the ones that are glasses and then tint in the sun? if not complete regular glasses….
    what do you think??
    get back to me


  5. hey,
    love your outfit! and the lipstick is perfect, you have to give us more details about te colour :) xxoo

  6. Hej hej!!! Vad heter modellen på glasögonen? Är det Derby?

    Stor kram, du är så duktig.

  7. kelsey: the model i’m wearing, “deep freeze”, are only available in tort and black, so you’re probably thinking of the ones called “pilgram”? :) I think it sounds like a great idea if it’s possible, I usually don’t like transitional lenses, because I think it often looks a little weird, but since these are sunglasses from the beginning, it will probably look great! go for it!

  8. Love the sunglasses, and paired with that lipstick color, you’re totally channeling Lady GaGa!

  9. Hejsan, jag älskar din blogg! Jag undrar om du skulle vilja ha mitt egendesignade linne, jag har tecknat motivet då jag är en konstnär, mot att jag får en liten länkning? :-) Du får självklart välja motivet!

  10. Ahh warm fuzzy vibe—its great to see new zealand designer doing well out in the international market. love em’ on ya.
    and those lipstick are a killa shade. xx

  11. Great lipstik! And the glasses! I’ve been looking for mine in ages…and i also finally found them!:)

  12. I really can’t get over how good you look on this picture!
    Can’t get over the fact that these glasses look just spectacular,
    can’t get over the fact that the red lips bring a whole cuteness to the look that only a few can put on,
    can’t get over the fact how chich that mix of white blazer and navy blue stripes look,
    can’t get over the fact of how blonde and beautiful your hair is!

    And the way you hold the lipstick, pure class, pure class!

  13. those glasses look great! i’m from NZ myself and Karen is one of my fav designers!
    check out my blog to find out about other great NZ designers.

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