86 thoughts on “DAY/NIGHT

  1. love both looks honestly, but I dooo have a greater love for black eye liner, so nice with the red lips, simple make up, to the point and just PERFECT!

  2. Love it too!
    Barbara Palvin might be such a Lolita and on her red lipstick looks truly amazing!On some thin lips or not that great skin tone it can look trashy. But it’s all about the right shade and goos skin tone. Prefer the day style.


  3. I love both looks, but the one on the right is my favorite! The eye makeup looks more natural which makes the red lips look more fierce and strong!! (:

    Esther xx

  4. cateye eyeliner wins for me everytime. you know its not gonna smudge after your first cocktail :)


  5. Well, I love red lipstick but I like the look on the left a bit more. Her eyes look so gorgeous.

  6. Sounds strange but I dreamt of you. My dream was in English and I told you you were one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen and that I understand that fashion is your love but that you should consider to donate instead of investing in consumption. Imagine how many African children could live from your warderobe.

    I did not made this up.
    Greetings from Berlin

  7. I absolutely love lipstick especially red, just a shame my boyfriend hates it because he can’t give me kisses when I’m wearing it…-.-



    Style Route

  8. I discover your blog today and it is more interesting then other blogs I see until now. I will have something nice to read in the future.

  9. Just saw this post today, and I’m wearing red (really, truly red) lipstick with simple eye make-up, like the one on the right. The pics are so cool, and I feel so good wearing red lipstick, it makes me feel I could conquer the World!

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