Danny Roberts + Forever21


illustration by Danny Roberts

My super talented friend Danny has done a T-shirt collection for Forever21 and I’m portraited on one of the t-shirts!
The amazing tee’s will be available from June 2 and will be sold online and in selected Forever21 stores nationwide.

75 thoughts on “Danny Roberts + Forever21

  1. Cool! Now that must be exciting?! :-)
    And I’ve always loved that portraition of you. That top is a musthave!!

  2. Omg! I’m gonna do whatever it takes to have it!!!! hahaha it’s awesome!

  3. That’s really good news! Congrats to you and to him, he is so so talented always loved his work!

    Dimogonda blog

  4. what an honor! im not a forever 21 fan, but the shirt looks wonderful! congratulations


  5. I was just seeing this haha I love the shirt. Forever 21 chicness. It’s so gorgeous. Danny’s so incredibly talented, greatly gifted in illustrations. Congrats girly keep shining. You have amazing style it’s so refreshing and inspirational. Keep being stellar babe Peace, Love & Light :D Ciao, Jacqueline Isabel

  6. very nice, he’s really talented!
    have you seen the tee Zara did with Betty from “le blog de betty”??? it reminded me of it…

  7. I will go to the store and check the collection! sure they are amazing!

  8. amazingamazing!!!!!!!!
    Link forever21 error :/
    Where else can I buy?(I am from brazil)

  9. heey :) it looks really great!.. I want that T – Shirt so much but I can’t find it :(.. do you know where I can buy it now???.. please..

  10. This image you captured looks so much like my daughter I had to see who the model was. My daughter Rebekka (Bekka) Zuefeldt could pass easily as the subject for this potrait. Google Bekka Zuefeldt. Great image!!!!!

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