112 thoughts on “Damn you Nemo!

  1. I risked my barely worn velvet pointy toe heels in the blizzard to view a few shows. Nemo can’t bring me down! And they survived, beautifully! -Schuanne

  2. What a gorgeous pair of shoes, loving the stylish design, I’m not surprised you can’t wait to be able to wear them.. :))

  3. They are so beautiful! I keep my fingers crossed for better weather in New York so you can shoot amazing outfitpictures with these beauties! :) xx

  4. The slightest bit of industrial looking hardware on this shoe makes it all the more interesting and edgy! In love with these and hope the snow melts for you to wear them within the next few days of fashion week ;) !

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  5. Giiirl it’s going to be cold for a whiiile. However, there seems to be a bit of a warm spell pass through and a bit of snow has melted. If you put on some stockings, it may work. But stay warm! Fashion is not worth a bout of pneumonia or a bad flu/cold. <3

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