32 thoughts on “Daisy

  1. i think she’s stunning but i found this SO awkward to watch, especially at the beginning. she just looks kind of uncomfortable.

  2. There’s no arguing she’s cute & hot but really, what’s the purpose of the video?? I agree with Sophie that it’s very awkward.

  3. She’s a really pretty girl and I love that she’s not stick thin. But I think a little bit more excercises would do her great. None the less she’s a hottie

  4. God she looks amazing I dont understand why anyone would suggest her to excercises a bit more!? That is what a healty girl looks like! I myself is much thinner than her but would die for her curves and boobs! And the purpose of the movie: making art, having fun, dancing in cute underweare and loving your body!

  5. Well F I didn’t said loose weight. Excercising to define her stomach a bit more isn’t getting stick thin.
    And yes maybe healthy but not the hottest body ever. And as I already said I still think she’s a gorgeous girl and I’m just being honest

  6. Beautiful, light and carefree. I don’t understand how anyone would scrutinize someone in such a way that ruins what this video is all about. Especially since it’s such a petty comment to make, masking it behind contentions of honesty.

  7. This video made me feel so good inside. It’s takes such an inner confidence to dance in your undies for the world to see. Absolutely amazing! Will save this video for whenever I’m feeling down and need to put a smile on my face.

    Ernest B.

  8. I can not really understand what some people are seeing in Daisy Lowe she is just an everyday girl who tries really hard to become a great it-Girl. But at my point of view I don’t give her a chance. Nobody will know her in a few weeks.

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