22 thoughts on “D-Mode magazine

  1. Så jävla tråkigt att ciggen är den ständigt återkommande accessoaren. Det börjar bli lite smått tröttsamt.

  2. I am totally doing this chick’s makeup on myself tomorrow night (gotta rock concert to go too :) Also, wanna do Sienna’s hair from your Alfie post. great spreads and great blog!!

  3. LOVE those pics, forutom de faktum att hon roker, de ser inte speciellt frascht ut pa en tjej som forovrigt ar jakligt snygg! Alskar din blogg!

  4. I love this, those pictures were taken in my country, Argentina. And the model is argentinian too. (:

  5. Gillar det skarpt. Fick lust på sommar igen, att dra en roadtrip genom staterna igen.

  6. The model is Chloe Bello, I like to know who is the photographer. Kisses!

  7. I love your web site

    by the way do someone know the name of the moedl of the car, it seems to be a mustang but when i zoomed i ve been reading somthg like cyprax or wht ever, helpp me!!

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