Cosmic vintage 1970’s maxi dress


BLACK. Damn Ebay, if I only had been 5 seconds faster!
Oh well, you win some, you loose some..

(And for the record, I obviously had to comfort bid + win another
vintage dress from the same seller to ease the pain..)

37 thoughts on “Cosmic vintage 1970’s maxi dress

  1. Egad! That is one hot number! Really sucks that you missed it but I hope your other buy was nice!

  2. too bad.. it’s awesome. you could always try using an auction sniper though. try bidnapper. (:

  3. this dress is from sorry you lost it lady. i will scout out another for you:) much love!!

  4. This dress is beautiful. It’s unfortunate that you missed it, but at least you got compensation for it!

  5. aww, the one that got away :(
    i really hate eBay for that reason! you feel like you really deserve to win something and then, bam, it’s gone.

  6. This dress is just gorgeous !
    I think I saw you few weeks ago in San Francisco… I was in forever 21 and i think you were behind me. It was on tuesday 12th and you were wearing a green kymono.
    It was quite strange to see you there (if it was you:))


  7. I know the pain of losing an ebay bid!! But take hope, I lost once as well and by some stroke of fate, the same dress appeared again from another seller. Keep checking ebay…stranger things have happened. That dress is amazing!!!!!

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