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SCENT. One thing I always try to bring back home from my travels is a perfume or scented candle. For me, there’s such a strong connection between memories and scents that just a sniff of a certain fragrance brings me back in an instant. During my trip to Mexico I made sure to stop by the wonderful boutique hotel/perfumery Coqui Coqui (definitely a must if you’re ever in Tulum!) and stocked up on two lovely scents that will keep me daydreaming about Tulum for months. Or well, at least until the bottles run out which might happen pretty soon, these scents are heaven!

PERFUMES Coqui Coqui (here).

68 thoughts on “Coqui Coqui

  1. Exotic perfumes are always a great find and a wonderful way to bring back a part of your trip with you and constantly remember it. Its also something I wish I had done in the past in all my travels. I’ll definitely have to make a mental note of doing so for my next trip.


  2. I feel the same about fragrances, smell has a great memory. But usually, smell not only brings me back memories but also feeling and thoughts I’ve experienced at certain period of life!

    Ocean Wind blog

  3. I also believe that our memories affect our choice of scents (and many other things) and I definitely agree about making an association between a perfume and a place – it’s wonderful to create these moments! x

  4. I stayed at Coqui Coqui with my boyfriend last May after reading about it. How beautiful is it?! The whole place smells like their Tabacco candles. I still have my perfumes too but they’re running out fast!

  5. Lovely idea. Perfume makes a much better souvenir than fridge magnets!


  6. You are right, smell is a powerful memory trigger. I also like bringing back local perfumes from my trips :)

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