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51 thoughts on “Contact Carolina

  1. Hi

    After moving here 2 years ago from England and trying to find work with no luck for this long, I am now starting up my own company.
    I am in the process of opening an online store, for fashion, jewellery and accessories, and would love for you to have some items to advertise of talk about.

    what do you think?

  2. Hi Carolina,

    I really admire your style and creativity. You’re wardrobe pieces are outstanding and to die for.

    I want to buy a new bag but you really have to help me.
    What do you think is the perfect bag and goes with almost everything? I was thinking myself of a Celine bag or Philip lim (pashli) or Proenza Schouler (ps1).

    Thank you

  3. Hello,

    I am very desparate to get my hands on one of
    Those amazing margiela lolly wrappe clutches
    Please. I am from Australia and happy yo pay post?

    Kindest regards

  4. I must check out your store when Cee and I are in New York soon this coming year! So excited! Hopefully we get to meet you? ;)
    Twitter: @thefashionotes

  5. Hello, Nice to meet you.
    I’m A Korean person.
    You might be wondering. why I visiting you.
    Because I’m big fan of you.
    I hope to grow more…

  6. Carolina, I love the leopard Crumpet sweater you wore with the peplum skirt (June 11th.) I must have it! If you don’t mind me asking, what size are you wearing? I am not sure how the sizing runs.


  7. Judy: Hi Judy! I’m wearing the XS but I wish I had gotten the small instead because it’s reaaally small!

  8. Hi Carolina!

    You have no idea how happy I am right now.))) I could just do cartwheels of joy (although on second though, that’d probably be really dangerous). One day a couple of years ago I came across your blog and spent hours and hours poring over the pages, and then I could never find it again! Today I finally found it, and I’m so excited! I love your sense of style and am so amazed at how far you’ve come since a couple of years ago!


  9. You and your blog are just lovely, keep up the good work. And contact us if you feel you would like to collaborate with us. You are a true classic, just like us. Much success to you in the future.

  10. You are amazing! Doing a great job.

    I was hoping you could help me find the gold embossed 3.1 phillip lim pashli satchel you show on this website, as it is out of stock on the website you indicated.

    I’d really appreciate it! I need that bag :D

  11. Antonia: Thank you so much dear! About the Phillip Lim bag, I think they might have one or two left here but hurry up because they sell out really fast! :)

  12. hello, your fashionblog is really perfect, I really like your pictures and they are amazing. I want to ask you what is your camera and what lens take pictures? Like u!

  13. Hi Carolina,

    Just wanna ask what app do you use for the Font/Handwritten style you use as caption to your photos?

    Diane :)

  14. I totally love the way you draw. I love your unik style and im a big fan of your art! You give me a lot of inapristion. Seeing your art just makes me wanna draw more and more! Please, if you want – check out my artwork and my drawings at my blog!Peace! //Kan DeeMake art, not war!

  15. Is it possible to inform us of the supplier’s brand of sunglasses “Celine Audrey” in Portugal?
    Thank you!

  16. Hi Carolina,
    I am a huge huge huge fan of yours and this is one of my favorite blogs.
    I would be over the moon if you allow me the opportunity to write for you. I would love to be published here.
    Can I hope to hear from you soon?

  17. I just spent hours going through your posts from your very first one until now, my question to is how did you make the transformation from a novice blogger to who you are today. I noticed it certainly wasn’t over night but how did you do it?

    My blog is less than a week old and I really want it to be something because fashion and the industry surrounding it has always been my favourite. Do you have any tips? Pointers?


  18. Hello,
    We have one of our talent interested in being featured in your fashion blog for 2013. We are reaching out to the top fashion blogs of 2013 and offering a feature on one of our actors, Andrew Freij. He has been in three major movies in the past year and a major TV show. Other then acting Andrew has made big efforts to make a change with the NoH8 Campaign in their fight for equal rights. Our celebrity talent has an enormousness amount of knowledge in the fashion industry and has really had a voice in the LA area. He has a goal to change what men’s fashion should be.If you are interested in doing a feature, feel free to contact us back via this email address. You are more then welcome to look up on the internet to see what he looks like, or we can send you a portfolio if needed.
    GLO Talent Worldwide

  19. Hello,
    I love your red pullover with panther on the arms.
    Where can i find it please?
    Thank you very much!!!

  20. Hello….I’m looking for the sunflower dress I saw on one of your blogs recently.
    Do you know where I could get it?

  21. Hi Carolina, your emails don’t seem to work, so I thought I’d drop a note. My name is Arthur and I’m part of the business development team at TopFloor, a new e-commerce site. We’re looking to start a conversation about a collaboration project, and would love to be in touch. Please drop us a line when you have time, I’d love to chat.



  22. I am a huge huge huge fan of yours and this is one of my favorite blogs.
    I would be over the moon if you allow me the opportunity to write for you. I would love to be published here.
    Can I hope to hear from you soon?
    Thank you

  23. Hello, I followed you via twitter.

    My team and I are in the process of making a creative promo site and we want potentially users, such as yourself, to have your say so could you help us out by filing in the survey below?

    Many thanks ;-)

  24. Hej Carolina! Jag och min sambo åker om 1 vecka till New York för första gången, vi ska fira vårat första år tillsammans. Skulle du vilja ge mig några tips på saker man inte får missa när man är i NY, bra shoppinggator, vintagebutiker, något bra matställe och vad är det för väder i NY just nu? Har ingen aning om vad jag ska ha med för jacka och kläder. Vore jättetacksam för svar. Du får gärna maila mig om du vill. Ha en fantastisk dag! /Jenny

  25. Dear friends, where can I buy those wonderful dream catcher earrings? There’s no link to buy them and I am now dreaming of them! :)

  26. Hello. On behalf of Latoya Lawrence I am wondering if you accept guest submissions. She has an article on wedding fashion she would like to submit. Thank you.

  27. Hi Carolina,

    Just thought that you might want to check out King Rufus London and their handknitted beanie hats made with a blend the top designer wools.
    Keep up the great blog – we are avid followers!

    King Rufus x

  28. Would love you to check out my new Angel wing Necklace. I have many more Beautiful pieces I would love to share with you and your Beautiful and Bold Fashion.
    Thank You,

  29. Hello, I am an artist, watercolor painter. May I use a few of your photos for studies that may include a finished painting? I wouldn’t think of using your images without asking first. I am not an accomplished painter, I have no resume and I doubt that any of my images will be successful but I love some of the scenes from NYC and I won’t have an opportunity to visit there in the near future. What do you think? I’m happy to send a post of anything that turns out interesting. Sincerely, Carolyn

  30. Hi!

    i was just wondering what model are your celine audrey sunglasses? is it the black CL 41755/S or SC 1755??
    I am desperate haha, sorry to bother you!

  31. Love your blog! I’m wondering where you got your Scarlett Johannson print? Dying to find one! Can’t seem to source it.

  32. I was perusing through the top 99 blog sites 2014 and came across your name.
    Your looks and mood boards are inspirational!
    You got yourself a follower ;)

  33. Hi Carolina!

    Huge fan of your blog! I’m starting a little company with the help of Kickstarter, and I was hoping to get your input! It’s called Designer Mystery Box, and the concept is simple: It’s a curated box of 3+ designer items, with a total retail value of $500+, specially tailored to your style for as low as $125 (depending on subscription chosen). Take a look, and please tell me what you think! Thanks!

    -Jacqui Baker

  34. Hi there,

    I found your blog after one of my friends shared it with me on Facebook and wanted to run a few things by you. I have some swimwear project that I’m working on which are right up your alley. Let me know if you have a moment to discuss.


  35. Hi Carolina,

    just wanted say hello from my studio of handmade bags and accessories.

    Have a fab day,

  36. Hi Carlina,

    I was wondering if you have like a list of nice places to visit in New York or just things to do like eat a croissant here, try the nice bar over there. I remember you once did it for Stockholm..


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