Comme des garcons

comme des garcons play striped heart top via fashionsquad

carolina engman

fashionsquad x cooee cross necklace

Pictures by Mattias Swenson

WEDNESDAY. Today I’ve been lounging around in my striped Comme des Garcons top, a pair of worn out boyfriend jeans and the cross necklace (my favorite!) from the collection I designed for Cooee, pretty much my go-to comfy look when working from home. Tomorrow I’m celebrating Thanksgiving with a bunch of friends and in case I don’t have time to update the blog in the morning, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

TOP Comme des Garcons (here). NECKLACE Fashionsquad x Cooee (here & gold plated brass version here). JEANS Zara (old but similar ones here).

101 thoughts on “Comme des garcons

  1. Carolina, I wanted to order this shirt online, but am unsure of the sizing. Do you mind sharing what size you are wearing so I may have a better idea?

    Thank you

  2. Gorgeous photos, and I love the top! Especially the detail around the neck, the way it has the double stripe. x

  3. Älskar tröjan, har kikat in den länge! Hur är storlekarna? Eftersom det är ett japanskt märke är jag rädd att de kommer vara ministorlekar. Jag är en 36/38, vilken storlek tror du skulle passa? :)

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