93 thoughts on “COLOR

  1. Definitely, evidenced by S/S FTW 2011, color blocking is going to dominate! I’m so excited to mix neons and prints and colors! So maximalistic!

    xx Gaby

  2. ok i loveee color but for some reason i don’t wear it often! just a pop here or there, black is just easier for me! love your blog xox

  3. amazing photo’s ! I love the colours, but if I go shopping I always come home with black, grey, brown etc ..
    time for some changes, I guess

    love, selina

  4. gillar verkligen den magnestiska blåa färgen på clutchen! vilka underbara bilder här.
    ha en super vecka!

  5. I loove all these bright colour so much. I just got red pants for myself and they make me want summer to be even sooner. than blue clutch is gorgeous by the way.

    X, Annie


  6. gud vad jag blir trött på denna 30cm höga snö här i sthlm när jag ser dessa bilder!! å kappan på sista bilden är magisk

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