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Photos by Mattias Swenson

FIRENZE. I got back from Florence last night and I miss the awesome weather we enjoyed so, so much! It wasn’t exactly warm enough for bare legs but when you get the chance to borrow and style some of the most amazing pieces out there, you make it work somehow!

When I was choosing items for my first look my eyes were instantly drawn to this amazingly bright top/skirt combo by italian designer Caterina Gatta. She’s a new designer for me but after reading about her she became even more interesting. I especially love the fact that she uses a lot of beautiful vintage fabrics from other designers (such as Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin and Givenchy to name a few). The combination of the old prints and the modern silhouette really makes her pieces stand out and I definitely hope to see more of her designs in the future! As for the Proenza Schouler bag, you can’t even imagine how hard it was to leave it at the Luisa Via Roma store after the shoot, such a stunning, stunning color!! Same goes for the lovely Casadei shoes, if I only had a bigger wallet…

Now, still curious about what was hiding in the Céline shopping bag? Well, the Céline Audrey sunglasses in the picture above of course! Definitely the most perfect pair of sunglasses that has ever graced my nose (actually thinking about buying them in tortoise as well..). More Firenze 4-ever looks to come!

(picture by Marta Massari)




194 thoughts on “color chock

  1. Wow!
    You look gorgeous…All these photos are just amazing..I love this bag, these shoes, this fur vest, this skirt and top, these sunglasses..Everuthing are AWESOME!

    You’re so beautifull and so stylish!

    Keep it up!

    Please take a look at my blog, you may love it!
    It would mean a lot to me if you could write a comment with your opinion..

    And if you like it, please follow me..

    Thank you..

    Kisses sweety! :)

  2. I was right ! Sunglasses from Céline !
    They fit you well but not my cup of tea ! I’m Chanel addict.. I know I know, maybe because I’m french :p

  3. Älskart!!!! Gud vad jag vill ha de brillorna… hoppas jag hittar de någonstans snart. Letade under fem veckor varje dag i New York…. hittade bara de små :/ hursom, sjukt fin outfit! kramar!

  4. A wonderful pick for the StyleLab! And those precious Celine sunnies :D
    Who of us does not wish for a bigger wallet?
    LuisaViaRoma must have been a dream! And hard to leave without bringing some designer pieces home haha. Have a nice week Carolina!

    xx,Anh von tha.Darlinh

  5. I squealed at this outfit!! it’s so perfect & i NEED that fluffy vest..aahhhh where is it from :))
    Also what shade is that on your lips? it matches the outfit perfectly. Love this so much, saving these pics in my faves <3

  6. I’m not a fan of the top + skirt, but the fur coat is soo lovely and I’m a huge fan of Casadei shoes (well, only those with these shape of heel :p)! I totally agree with you on the color, it’s AMAZING. I really like your color combination. I prefer 10000 x more this outfit than Andy’s outfit.


  7. oh you picked a great outfit! I also adore this skirt/top combo and the pink bag – so beautyful! If there weren’t the people in the background with coats, I wouldn’t have noticed that it’s january ;-)
    xxx Anita

  8. Beautiful colors! Love the mixing of reds and pinks–makes me eager for spring! Great hair and lipstick as well!


  9. You look great! All those colors mixed in a look is awesome!
    Beautiful pics! You were lucky having that weather in winter!

  10. These colours work beautifully and you pull them off so well! Gorgeous fur gilet and even lovelier handbag!

  11. love love love Firenze (my city) and Love Caterina’s beautiful original clothes,we were
    the first to believe in her talent and brought her collection to New York City!
    Very successful trunk show at “Change of Season”

  12. I love those sunglasses ! I wish I could own a pair. But… that fur jacket is AMAZING ! I die !

  13. Such a colorful look. I love seeing you wear red, pink, yellow and any other color that isn’t black (not that I hate it, it’s just unusual to see you wear something colorful).
    If only we all had bigger wallets, or everything just were for free.. That would be my paradise.
    About fabrics – i have a store in my home country where you can buy other designer fabrics – amazing place. It’s nice to have some Versace in your own design, isn’t it?
    Can’t wait for next outfits :)
    xx Brigita

  14. This is definitely my favourite look of yours yet!
    You look really bold and confident, a great attitude to start with in the new year :)

  15. stunning, as always!! I adore the colours and the printed dress- you look like you stepped off Sex & the City!

  16. This isn’t an outfit I ever would have pictured you in but somehow it just works so perfectly! The color of that bag is really beautiful and it is always interesting finding out about new designers. Gorgeous

  17. beautiful photos. love your sunglasses! only stand up straight- it would make you look so much nicer :-)!

  18. Hi,

    I adore the look! Your sense is alluringly awesome! I really hope you can spend a minute of your time to visit my blog at and it would be much honored if you could happen to follow my blog back. But nothing inconveniences you though! Keep being fabulous!


  19. I love these pictures–these are some of my favorites yet! You look like a movie star. Adore those sunnies too!

  20. Adoring the PINK, Carolina ! ! !
    Where do you get all your fancy ideas from?? This outfit mixing is really a hard one to pull,
    but you did such a splendid job at it. And voila~ it’s such a showstopper =0
    a different and more vibrant shade of red from those Casadeis will definitely spice up the look.
    gorgeous photo set xx one of my favourites, Carolina =)

    Style Hostess

  21. I absolutely adore what you are wearing but i find it a bit strange to see everyone’s wearing winter clothing, including scarves and thick jackets. Isn’t that a weird fact..

  22. Amazing pictures. I love this outfits. You are definitly one of the persons who can wear pink and read all over :)

  23. Could you tell me what kind of lipstick you’re wearing? Need to know!pleaseee help me :))

  24. I used to like your blog a lot more 2 o tree years ago, when it was more rad and aggressive and your style was pushed more towards the scandinavian style. This is just too barbie doll-ish to me, I think you’re being too influenced by Chiara and Andy now.

  25. WOW. This bag is GORGEOUS! I am such a bag addict, the color is so bright and fun! I love it! :) Your outfit here is absolutely amazing, and makes me want to go back to Florence! Haven’t been there in almost 4 years! You know how to ROCK an outfit! ;)


  26. Hot, hot, hot, hot hot, pink! Love this outfit! love the ps1 !!!!!! you give me inspiration to get a bright color ps1 like emerald green! Love your blog! Keep up the great work!



  27. wow, amazing… looks unbeleivably harmonious, I could never think it could be possible with so many different colors. I mean, how did you think of adding yellow belt? I could never in a million years think that it would be a good idea to add yellow belt, yet it’s so stunning and pleasing to the eye. No psychodelical rainbow effect at all as I would expect if someone described the outfit to me without showing it first. Unquestionable talant I think.

  28. Looks great! I think it’s cool that the colorful dress and the plain but still very special feather vest (I love them I’ve got one too) are in the same lenght. What makes the outfit to something special is the yellow belt the orange shoes your lipstick and your nail polish. You’re a genious!
    xoxo J’

  29. Just love stronge colors…. they function well together!!! And specially spring-summer!!!

  30. U’re beautiful and I love this outfit, your sunglasses is so cool.
    I love Florence! It’s my favorite city.

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