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HAIR. When they say cutting your hair is addictive, they’re not lying. Ever since I chopped of my long hair in the beginning of the year, I’ve been wanting to go a bit shorter, and last week I finally booked an appointment at the hairdresser. Love my new shorter do!

carolina engman via

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PEARL EARRING Sophie Bille Brahe (here). SWEATER & Other Stories. JEANS J Brand. LIPSTICK Max Factor ‘Ruby Tuesday’.

115 thoughts on “chop chop

  1. So great!!!It looks perfect, think about it a pixie cut, too….in the summer perhaps…? :)

  2. Yes, they weren’t lying. I’ve recently tried to let it grow but after 6 months I just had to cut it off.
    And going to the hairdresser makes wonders to a woman’s mood!
    And you look beautiful with that haircut. I suits you perfectly (;


  3. You look beautiful; the knit is gorgeous. I cut my hair a year ago and cant wait it to go longer; so we are just in opposite mood :)

  4. Your eye colour is incredibly beautiful ! The short hair looks fresh and ready for spring (p.s. I am having my haircut tomorrow as well, shorter also!)

  5. It is addictive getting your hair cut short, I got the chop about 2 years ago to just higher than shoulder length, and now I’m rocking an Emma Watson style pixie cut, it slowly got shorter and shorter

  6. I LOVE this hairstyle.

    Been tempted to do mine this short – but I’m so scared…

    – Sara


  7. Oh yes, cutting and colouring your hair can become such an addiction! I know it from myself very well.
    Your new haircut looks amazing. Exactly the length I have at the moment and I love it. xx

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