Chloé a/w 09

Chloé a/w 09

FALL. Chloé a/w 09 is very pretty and everything, but a part of me really miss Paulo Melim Andersson’s darker, rebelious and less predictable version of the Chloé girl. Here’s some of my favorites from his time at Chloé:

Chloé by Paulo Melim Andersson
a/w 07, s/s 08, a/w 08

28 thoughts on “Chloé a/w 09

  1. I agree. I didn’t really love Paulo’s stuff at first but it definitely grew on me. I think Macgibbon will obviously steer Chloe onto it’s previous Philo path but she definitely needs to throw it some more surprises for us. Love your blog!

  2. älskar den greige-svarta färgskalan på a/w 09! Otrolig!

    Sen undrar jag vilka slags glasögon (ej solglasögon) du tycker man ska satsa på nu? Vilka bågar gäller?

    Fortsätt med en otroligt bra blogg!

  3. I love the nude look with the blazer and the manly beige pants with the lace ups !! They have such cool hair, what’s the name of the brown haired model ? And lily donaldson looks extremely cool as always ! x

  4. I totally agree. I MISS paulo. I have a lot of his pieces from his time at Chloé and I want him back!!!

  5. I love the Chloe collection for a/w , but I am planning my spring /summer outfits now , so its to early to think about the next a/w collection:)

  6. I totally agree, I loved Paulo Melim’s Chloe girl, and I think he was really pushing the brand forward. Hannah McGibbon’s idea of a Chloe girl is in my eyes wrong and dated.

  7. I just watched the collection on youtube this morning and I love the pretty blouses but it didn’t leave me wanting for more. I would definitely like to see more surprises next season.

  8. i really like the Chloé by Paulo Melim Andersson !
    Although i like the darker colours more i also quite like Chloé a/w 09 because it’s a change and it could be a good or bad one. In my case it’s a okay one though i definately agree i much prefer Chloé by Paulo Melim Andersson. Love the pictures.
    love, vcitoria

  9. i could not agree with you more!! although the fall line is ok, i just like the older stuff much much better.

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