Cheap Monday s/s 2010







Cheap Monday s/s 2010, Pictures by me.

CHEAP MONDAY. I went to Cheap Monday’s s/s 2010 show yesterday and I saw: Patched denim, slashed denim, bleached denim, cut off denim, draped denim, denim vests – you name it, cheap monday has it. Bare bellies, sheer materials, warrior painted faces and some leather = icing on the cake.

11 thoughts on “Cheap Monday s/s 2010

  1. I love love love the first one, its absolutely wonderful! I am so inspired, I´ll start to cut one up right now, lovely!

  2. one of my most fav places to shop for denims. They are so good with casuals and semi-fomals. The first one is my fav look.

  3. Oh wow! I worked with that male model about two years ago, he was such a sweet guy, nice to see he’s doing well…and is a long way from a 25 hour shoot in the winter in a conncrete studio in East London…bad times.

    Hope you had a great week! Em xx

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