Céline tie bag

Céline Tie Handbag

Photo by Carolina Engman.

Little did I know I would stumble upon my dream bag when I walked into the Céline store a couple of days ago looking for new sunglasses. But, when I spotted this beauty it was love at first sight and the rest is history. Good thing I like noodles, because that’s what’s going to be on the menu while my wallet recuperates..

BAG Céline ‘Tie’ bag. LEATHER JACKET Hunkydory.

47 thoughts on “Céline tie bag

  1. Gosh this is a really great investment! I love Celine bag for their timeless design, great color range and modern but still traditional sense in fashion. And the color that you chose is absolutely a nice one – the brick red is oh so stylish and goes well with black, white other red and cobalt!


  2. A good investment piece can go a long way … A great investment piece can last forever. I always adore the look of a Celine handbag. An untouchable design! You have made a great choice. And it’s also a good thing that Ramen noodles are on my menu to, cause there are no other option when it comes to fashion, right Mademoiselle? :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  3. You’re going to rock this statement bag! I’m not a fan of the Celine Tie Up on myself but whenever I see it on anyone else, I drool! What an awesome pick me up :)

    xx, Mel

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  5. What an usual bag, I love it! Really want one too :)

    Emma xx


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