nominated for the bloglovin awards!

Picture from last years Bloglovin Award

WERELSE. Hola! Right now I’m in Barcelona for a photoshoot with the lovely ladies above and the call time tomorrow is 5.45 so I’m gonna keep it short, hehe. New York fashion week is just around the corner, meaning it’s time for the second edition of the Bloglovin awards!! This year Werelse has been nominated in the category Blogger Business of the year and it would mean the world to me, Andy & Chiara if you guys voted for us! Click here to vote for all the nominees in the different catergories, and don’t forget that you can nominate your own favorite blog for the prestigious “blogger of the year” award! :) Now, bedtime!!

hello 2012!

Picture from last years Firenze 4-ever event! Jil Sander pants & Céline bag.

MONDAY. 2012 is finally here and my first adventure of the year starts on Thursday when I’m going to Florence for the 4th edition of Luisa Via Roma’s blog event “Firenze 4-ever”. Had so much fun playing around with all of the clothes in the store & creating different looks last year and I’m pretty sure it will be equally awesome this year! Can’t wait to go back!!


Tokyo photo diary pt. 1


Photos by Mattias Swenson

STREETS. Usually when I’m in a big city, one of my biggest fears is to get lost while exploring it. When you don’t know your way around you never know what could happen or where you could end up, but with Tokyo, it’s a different thing. I’ve never felt so secure in a city before, everyone is super kind and helpful even if they only know a couple of english words and the only thing I lost track of was time. Because believe me, there’s A LOT to see!

Tokyo is one of those cities where you walk and walk and walk until you can’t move anymore, and then you walk a little bit more. Around every corner is a new surprise, wether it may be an amazing hole-in-the-wall sushi place, an awesome purikura photobooth center, a group of people dressed up in fur costumes, an amazing $1 store filled to the max with anything hello kitty related you could possibly think of or the actual restaurant that inspired the famous fighting scene in Kill Bill (yep, just as awesome in real life). It’s the kind of place you can spend years and years exploring, and yet discover something new everyday. The longer time you spend in Tokyo, the more you fall in love with it and when I left, part of me stayed. Tokyo is a city that has to be experienced, but I tried my best to capture it’s charm in pictures. Enough talking, here’s the first part of my Tokyo photo diary!