hello NY!

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NYC.¬†¬†Hello New York! Just a tiny bit obsessed with the view from my room, imagine waking up to this everyday… Was planning to head out for dinner with friends tonight but my stupid jetlag is ruining all the fun. Instead, I’m going to throw on my pajama, order some room service and watch a movie, if I can keep my eyes open that is. This bed is dangerously comfortable right now..

nyfw photo diary

carolina engman, aimee song, valentina nessi, new york fashion week

Pictures by Mattias Swenson & Carolina Engman

NYC. I have no idea how, but in the midst of fashion week madness I totally forgot to post my nyfw photo diary, but better late than never I guess. I honestly can’t believe these pictures were taken two months ago, where did time fly?

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passport cover

louis vuitton, personalized, passport cover, initials, monogram

louis vuitton, personalized, passport cover, initials, monogram

LV. Just had to do a quick post to show you guys my new passport cover that finally arrived today after a couple of weeks wait. It’s personalized with my initials + favorite colors and will definitely add some well needed glamour to all those early morning flights!

LOUIS VUITTON personalized passport cover.