the leather vest

acne, leaher vest, memory, s/s 2010, burgundy

LOVE. When this oversized leather vest hit the runway in 2011 I fell head over heels in love with it and deemed it my must-have item of f/w 11. After months of anticipation it finally hit stores and let’s just say my every hope of owning it died the second I saw the hefty price tag of over 2000 dollars.

Now, imagine my excitement when 2 years later I find the very same vest that used to keep me up at night at 75 % off in a corner of Acne Archives (a must visit if you’re ever in Stockholm). It didn’t take me more than 2 seconds to make my mind up and now it hangs safely in my closet, waiting for that perfect moment to shine!


New in: Fringe bootsNew in: Fringe boots

fringe boots, zara, scarlett johansson poster, picture, Carolina Engman

BOOTS. Found these boots at the Zara sale and didn’t think twice about buying them. Wish I could show you how awesome they look in motion with all the fringes dancing around my feet!


fringe boots, zara, scarlett johansson poster,

picture, Carolina Engman

FRANSAR. Hittade de här ankelbootsen på Zaras rea och det var kärlek vid första ögonkastet. Önskar att jag kunde visa hur fantastiska de ser ut “in motion” med fransarna flygandes kring fötterna men det får bli ett framtida projekt ;)


Good morning Firenze!

FIRENZE. OK, after the most nightmare like trip (litterally thought the plane was going to crash due to the insane storm in Zürich where I had my connecting flight), I FINALLY made it to Florence for the Luisa Via Roma event Firenze 4-ever!! So happy to be back again and of course reuniting with all my blogger friends. My boyfriend is flying in today so hopefully I’ll be able to post some outfit pictures tomorrow!

Now, the first thing I did this morning was a quick visit to the Céline store where I bought something I’ve been looking for everywhere, any guesses on what’s hiding in the bag? ;)