In The Cold, Cold Night

KLICK. Här är en av bilderna från plåtningen för Sandqvist som jag både stylade och modellade i här om veckan, fotad av fantastiska Knotan. Det där tygstycket från Whyred är minsann inte att leka med, fy tusan vad jag vill ha den kjolen. För den som ville se en lite större bild går det bra att klicka här.

Translation. Here’s one of the pictures from the photoshoot for Sandqvist that I styled and modelled in last week, photographed by amazing Knotan. That piece of cloth from Whyred is fierce! If you want to see a larger picture, click here.

The Vogue Girl Korea interview

1 Briefly introduce yourself. What’s your name? Birthday? Location? Job?
My name is Carolina Engman and I’m 21 years old. I live in Sweden
where I work as a freelance fashion stylist.

2 When did you first blogging and why?
I have always loved to write and I started my first blog in June 2005
because I wanted a place where I could express my interest in fashion
and discuss it with others. But it wasn’t until April 2006 that I

3 What is your signature style?
A leather jacket, an oversized t-shirt/top tucked in a skirt, bold
rings & bangles, high heels and my hair like a mess.
4 When and how did you come about establishing your own style and look?
I’ve been interested in clothes since I was a child and my style has
been developing ever since.

5 What is your fashion/styling rule?
I don’t really have any fashion rules, it tend to make you less
spontaneous and creative. I like to play around with clothes and
accessories and invent new looks. I think fashion is supposed to be

6 Explain how you get dressed in the morning, step by step.
My room is literally a big fashion mess. There are clothes, shoes and
bags all over the place, so when I get dressed in the morning I just
dig up something that looks good, haha.

7 What is your key fashion item?
My key fashion item is a vintage leather jacket that I bought a couple
of years ago.

8 And what’s your favorite way of styling the item?
I love to “dress down” cute dresses with the jacket for a more “rock chic” look.

9 Explain how you mix and max color palette.
I wear a lot of black and white but I like to mix it with brightly
coloured accessories, right now I’m really in to orange.

10 Who’s your fashion icon and why?
I like Emmanuelle Alt, the fashion director at French Vogue. She has a
simple yet very chic style that I just love.

11 Where do you shop? What are some of your favorite shops and why?
I like H&M and Zara, they do a great job of being fashion forward at
very good prices and I absolutely love treasure hunting at flea
markets and thrift stores, you find so many one of a kind pieces that
are perfect to mix with clothes from the high street stores to create
a more personal look.

12 What are some things you keep in mind when you shop? Do you have
any shopping rules?

Haha no, but I probably should have. I’m the ultimate spontaneous
shopper. If I see something that I absolutely love, I buy it in a snap
without even considering if I have anything that goes with it.

13 What’s your most recent purchase? Can you give any tips on how to wear it?
I bought a cute, wide, ethnic inspired skirt that I’m going to wear
with a simple top, pleated belt in the waste, and gladiator heels.

14 What’s your favorite show from 2008 S/S collection? Has this show
affected the way you dress in any way?

I really like Marni’s S/S 08 collection. The colours, the shapes, the
bold accessories – I love it all! It has definitely affected the way I
dress; it has inspired me to work more with volume and mixing fabrics,
and I’m constantly searching for items in similar tones, the colour
palette is spot on!

15 If you can buy one item for the summer, what would it be?
A pair of shoes, the ones in Marni’s S/S 08 collection are amazing.

Me in Vogue Girl Korea!

VOGUE. För ett par veckor sedan blev jag kontaktad av moderedaktören på koreanska Vogue girl för att medverka i deras ‘world fashion blogger’ feature. Och voila, här har vi mig i Vogue Girl Korea, hur surrealistiskt är inte det? Finner inte ord för hur hedrad jag känner mig, tusen tusen tack till Vogue Girl Korea! Och tack till Rumi som scannade bilderna åt mig :)

Translation. A couple of weeks a go I was contacted by an editor from korean Vogue girl for their world fashion blogger feature. And voila. Me, in Vogue girl Korea, how surreal is that? I’m so honored I don’t even know where to begin, many many thanks to Vogue girl Korea! And thanks to Rumi who scanned the pictures for me :)