Picture by Mattias Swenson

WEEKEND. Ok, am I the only on who feels like this weekend was over before it even started?
Can’t believe it’s monday again tomorrow!

Here’s a little sneak peek of a shoot I did last week, love the combination of a total white outfit paired with gold accessories!

CÉLINE sunglasses. ZARA jacket. AMERICAN APPAREL pants. ZARA clutch. H&M necklace. MICHAEL KORS watch.


the box

WHITE. I love white but I usually tend to stay away from it when it comes to accessories (mostly because I’m such a messy person, I usually ruin anything white in less than a day). But when I stumbled upon this awesome box shaped bag with rose gold details I kind of caved (who wouldn’t?!). Can’t wait to wear it with a total white look!

 ZARA white box bag.


new in: necklace

SUNDAY. Pheww, had almost forgotten how much work goes into moving! For the past week I’ve been working like mad in the new apartment to get everything ready for the big move this week and there’s still a lot to be done! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I’m still alive, and of course show you my new awesome necklace ;)

MINUSEY necklace. THE GENTLEWOMAN magazine.


details: bling

LOVE. Found this awesome gold tray in an antique store last week and it’s perfect for storing jewellry/accessories in! These pieces are my current favorites and I rarely leave the house without at least one of them on. The latest addition is the tiny star necklace that my boyfriend gave me for my birthday, absolutely obsessed with it!

CÉLINE sunglasses. MICHAEL KORS watch. HERMÈS bracelet. ANINE BING FOR COOEE star necklace. H&M bracelet.