cat eye sunnies / furry bag

LOVE. The two latest additions to my wardrobe: The stunning House of Harlow Chelsea sunnies + this awesome long haired beauty from Back Stage* (which kind of reminds me of this bag that I blogged about a 100 years ago, love!). Can’t wait to wear them both!!

BACK STAGE* bag (here) /  HOUSE OF HARLOW sunglasses (here)

93 thoughts on “cat eye sunnies / furry bag

    got to have it!


  2. To risk sounding… Really really daft, and uninformed… I’ve seen photos of you all over tumblr; but have absolutely no inkling of who you are! Chanced upon your blog today… And wow. Boy am I glad I did! Not going to rave about how much I’m in love with you, your style; and how I will kill to get a chance to see your closet- but you know that already(; Will most definitely be coming back! xxxxx

  3. The bag is def. something I can see leandre medine have, because it looks like it was just ripped off the back of a gorilla or some hairy ape creature, bigfoot? I can’t imagine all the shedding though, hopefully it doesnt. The sunnies are lovely and so “fetch”.

  4. OMG! give me your purse? please!
    see my blog from Brazil:

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