Carolina for Pennyblack s/s 11




All the clothes are by Pennyblack

PENNYBLACK. In the beginning of September 2010, I did a photoshoot for Pennyblacks s/s 11 magalog. I did the styling + modelling and now you can see some of the pictures the photographer Viktor Grahn took on the Pennyblack website!

72 thoughts on “Carolina for Pennyblack s/s 11

  1. Beautiful job! I especially like the third picture with the flower…so cute!

  2. Totally obsessed with that first photo! I love the geometric design on the shawl, paired with the stripes on your shirt. I’m definitely about to check out Pennyblack’s line now…

  3. Wow, the second photo in particular is amazing – I love the bright necklaces with the grey. You’re an inspiration, thank you!

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