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MURUA. One of the most fun parts about working with MURUA was that I got the amazing opportunity to co-design a pair of pants together with the designer Momoko! My love for the 70’s evolved into a pair of dreamy, wide-legged flower power pants in a super delicate, sheer fabric that kind of floats when you walk, if that makes any sense. To see these pants that I’ve followed from when they were nothing but an idea and a sketch on a paper last year, now appearing in magazines like JJ & Nylon Japan is surreal and beyond my imagination. I am so grateful to have been part of such a fun collaboration, working with the people at MURUA has truly been one of the most amazing experiences in my life!

42 thoughts on “Carolina Engman x MURUA

  1. You look amazing! Really love how they styled you! Must’ve been an amazing experience!
    I spot 2NE1 on the front cover! :)


  2. You are looking fabulous!
    And really cool that you’ve got the chance to co-design a pants with momoko!
    You’re doing great!

  3. how did you start doing your styling ?
    how did you become a fashion editor ?

  4. Somebody just mentioned this article on Lusakatimes and I came to check it out and am not disappointed.Very well written.Thanks neighbors for your support.

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