Carolina by Vita Yang


Illustration by Vita Yang

Vita Yang made this super cool illustration of me ages ago and I’ve totally forgotten to post it. Thank you so much Vita, I love it! Check out more of her work over at

Oh and btw, I did this video thing with JNBY where I show some of my favorite pieces from their collection. I haven’t watched the video myself because I can’t stand the sound of my own voice but I’m pretty sure I made a complete fool of myself as usual. You can check it out on their website!

33 thoughts on “Carolina by Vita Yang

  1. You look really cute in the vid and I love the elephant sweater! (is it elephants?!)

  2. beautiful drawing, especially the hair! but it doesn’t look like you except for the outfit and red lips.

  3. The drawing is amazing! WHY have I never heard about Vita Yang before??? Feel like I have being missing a lot:D – you have this amazing blog, life and style(: I adore you!

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