candles + lula


LULA. Probably wasn’t a good idea to run around barelegged this past weekend, I caught a lame cold and have been stuck in bed for the past couple of days. Thank god for my awesome boyfriend who just came home with two gifts: the latest issue of Lula and a big bag of candy, best recipe to cure a stubborn cold! ;)


50 thoughts on “candles + lula

  1. That’s so lovely of him, hope you feel better soon! Oh and by the way, awesome candle holder x

  2. That’s what I need to find in a boy – standing on my doorstep with an issue of Lula and candy. You’re such a lucky girl!

  3. Darn it you are suuuch a lucky girl! Good boyfriend :) will have to take a snoop at Lula, the cover girl is so beautiful! get well soon “x

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