canadian tuxedo

carolina engman - johanna pihl leather jacket theyskens theory bag

Pictures by Mattias Swenson

DENIM. Do you know what I love more than a piece of good denim? Two pieces of good denim – hello canadian tuxedo! Found these jeans a couple of days ago when a massive rainstorm forced me to seek shelter at Zara for an hour. After browsing around for a while I stumbled upon what might just be the perfect jeans – cropped at the ankle? check, nice worn in feel? check, ripped above knee? check, and most importantly, comfortable? double check! All in all, huge thanks to mother nature for leading the way to Zara! ;)

carolina engman nyccarolina engman denim tuxcarolina engman in johanna pihl leather jacketcarolina engman - johanna pihl leather jacket

carolina engman johanna pihl leather jacketcarolina engman new york

LEATHER JACKET Johanna Pihl. DENIM SHIRT Zara. BAG Theyskens Theory. JEANS Zara (similar oned here & here). HEELS Tibi. SUNGLASSES Céline.

111 thoughts on “canadian tuxedo

  1. I remember seeing a post about this jacket. It looks amazing on you. I’ve been wanting to try a denim on denim look, but I was afraid I might look silly. Now I know I won’t.

  2. Today I stopped at Zara and I saw those jeans. I even said to my boyfriend “I like these jeans! I’m gonna come back this week and try them on”.
    They’re going to be perfect for London!

    xo, Sara

  3. Awesome outfit! I just went into Zara for the first time a few days ago because I’ve seen stuff from there all over the internet and I loved it!! I didn’t have any money to spend though so I couldn’t get anything but I will in the future! Such cool stuff…

  4. I love the lattice on that leather jacket! And I always thought it was called a Texas Tuxedo…. But maybe that’s because I’m from Canada! xxx

  5. Love good denim on denim. And that leather jacket is beyond awesome xx

  6. Hello my dear!
    I love your outit!
    nice jacket!
    Cute shoots!
    Have a lovely sunday!

  7. amazing denim look, but that ripped leather jacket is the best thing about this outfit!


  8. Killer look! Some people have it and some others not.
    You most certainly have it dear at large! And that is STYLE I mean!

    I wish 5% of other bloggers had some of it.

    You totally rock dear, aways pleasure to eyes.


  9. Never heard of a “Canadian Tuxedo” but I do like the denim shirt! :]

    p.s. the bag is cute but beware of colour transfer!! :p

  10. Hej,
    Vet att detta är en gammal post men chansar ändå. Är ute efter Johanna Pihl läderjackan och undrar om du mot allt förmodan har den kvar och isf har lust att sälja den till mig!

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