zara camouflage jacket, celine audrey sunglasses, h&m leather shorts,

Picture by Mattias Swenson

CAMO. I’ve been on a hunt for the perfect camouflage jacket for ages and during my trip to Barcelona last week I stumbled upon this amazing one at Zara. The thin fabric pretty much makes it the perfect summer jacket and I’ve been wearing it non stop since I got home. For 39 euros it’s a pretty good catch if you ask me! ;)

ZARA jacket (similar ones here & here). H&M leather shorts (similar ones here & here). CÉLINE audrey sunglasses (similare here & here). MICHAEL KORS watch (similar here & here)

127 thoughts on “camouflage

  1. Super cool look!! I want such a jacket too:)

    Xoxo Iren

  2. I think this trend is a little difficult to get right, but you make it actually look quite feminine, so bravo! xx

  3. Oh this jacket is perfect!! You look amazing in it with the leather shorts!
    I was also on hunt for the perfect camo jacket, tried on this on and the other one Zara sells, switched them like 100 times and got the other one eventually))
    I also featured lately camo pants I got from Zara – can’t get enough of this print, lol))


  4. this looks great carolina!!!!
    i’m also on the hunt for the perfect camo jacket….you’d think it’d be easier to find in a thrift store, but no!

  5. Really cool. Camouflage has definitely taken a forefront in regards to trending. Like how over-sized and shapelessly you wear it. Not to mention the studs – always a staple accent.

  6. I love this camouflage jacket! I am looking for one for quite a while now…
    come visit my blog:

  7. I love that jacket and price is awesome but I found a camo jacket for 9€ on sale.
    Otherwise I would have bought that one from Zara too :D


  8. Love the jacket! :)
    I was woundering if I could use that photo and post it on my blog? I look for pictures that inspires me, and then I inspire my readers with the pictures I’ve come across..
    If you say YES – I will publish the photo with the photografers name under it, and of course I will link to your blog and write something about you and your blog, which I adore!
    What do you say?

  9. Oh I love it! The trend is coming back and that picture makes me want to buy that jacket!!

  10. This is a great look. I love the jacket…I didn’t even think about camo as an option all that much until seeing this look. And I love the Celine sunnies…I would die for a pair! You look beautiful. :)

  11. Oh god I really love an army jacket like that. First I didn’t want one, but since I saw a cool one I really want one to. I think it’s becoming a fashion trend!



    Style Route

  12. I was looking for a great camouflage parka for like ages now, I think I have to stop at a Zara shop. Thank you so much :) xx

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