Hair, Make up and styling by me. Photos by Mattias Swenson.
Clothes borrowed from

SUMMER. Here are a couple of pictures from a fun collaboration I did with while I was in San Francisco earlier this summer. I did the styling + modelling and my boyfriend shot the pictures. We had a lot of fun taking the pictures and seeing them makes me miss San Francisco soo much!
(And all the beautiful clothes that I had to send back after the shoot..)

96 thoughts on “CALIFORNIA LOVE

  1. omgg very adorable!!! love the first photo to the maxx

    check out my fashion blog at

    just updated a new post today!! DONT MISS … follow me via bloglovin or google if you like it thankss xoxo

  2. omg you look so faboulus! ♥
    I love your pink lipstick, so jealous right now! :D
    xxx from Poland!

  3. Stunning! The clothes, the atmosphere, the styling…Seriously some of the best outfit pics on! Oh and a truly amazing photographer:-)!

  4. Great outfits that you styled. And I really like the different pics. My favourite outfit has to be the second, such a fabulous dress!

  5. Oh wooowww!!! They turned out amazing!!! You look absolutely stunning and it’s amazing what you can do with your hair!! I was just in SF this summer as well, such a wonderful city! <3

  6. You took so great photos in mytheresa clothes… Why they are so greedy, they could give it to you as a present for such a perfect shots!!! wow

  7. my heart stopped when i saw that proenza bag! how did you give it up?!? lol, anyway, you look freaking gorgeous.

  8. haha i have those same zara wedges in my latest blog post. you suit your hair in that high ponytail so much :)

  9. lovin’ it ❤ ❤ ❤ you’ve got yourself a new reader. greetings from Finland from your co-blogger! keep the great posts coming ^_^

  10. whats the name of the orange lipstick in the 1st picture?? you should post a makeup tutorial!! gorgeous

  11. You did such a great job. And i mean the bun, it is the cutest thing ever. I love buns and i never tried a side one, so thanks for the inspiration :D

  12. Love this outfit and the photos. The black jeans you wore are amazing, I would like to know the brand who made it.

    Thank you!

  13. your cloth and hair stylingis very nice but what i like the most is the makeup! especially the eyes… outstanding !maybe you should give us a tip!

  14. You are perfect, girl. Your stile is wonderful. Kisses..
    Brazil here..

    Você é perfeita, garota. Seu estilo é maravilhoso. Beijos..
    Brasil aqui..

  15. God you are soo good with colors and their shades. You know EXACTLY which ones suit you. The last photo is perfect.

  16. hahah i’m listening to ditc and suddendly, scrolling through this post, i thought you were dancing to it, like bending both knees together while your arms come up perpendicular to your body

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