2010. Taking a trip down memory lane with some outfit pictures from the past couple of months
to celebrate the fantastic year of 2010.
Hope everyone of you will have an amazing New Year’s Eve and I wish you all the best for 2011!


55 thoughts on “2010

  1. Marvellous, astonishing pics! You have the gift of beauty. I guess you are becoming an icon of style…

  2. Så et bilde av deg på am-lul og fikk øye på en tatovering på benet ditt. Mulig å se nærmere på den? Så veldig stilig ut! :)

  3. No words… wishing you a better (if possible) “blogger” year!

    Ah…I’m dying for that leopard dress of h&m… I don’t know why they don’t sell it here in Spain! So unfair! maybe next spring summer? Keep dreaming…!


  4. I love the picture of you in grey, against the wall! It’s so clean and beautiful with the pop of red lipstick. I love all of these pictures actually. I have a feeling your blog will be amazing in 2011. :)


  5. I have said it before but will definitely say it again.. pure style perfection! your outfit posts are always so beautiful and inspiring!!



    PS: you have been featured in this week’s edition of style inspired on our blog – check it out missmollyfashions.blogspot.com

  6. i remember so many of these looks throughout the year & theyre all as fabulous as the next.maybe in 2011 you can share your secrets with how you do it ;) x

  7. you’re way too amazing.
    la-la-love the various looks you have pulled together all year.
    best wishes for the new year, carolina! x.

  8. Du är så himla snygg Caroline och dina outfitsposter är enormt inspirerande. Jag skulle tycka det var intressant att veta vad det är exakt du gör i U.S, kan inte du skriva ett inlägg om det?

    Ha ett himla fint nyår!

  9. Amazing outfits. You always look both stylish and effortless. You’re a fashion inspiration, I’ll continue to check your blog out, through the 2011 year!

  10. Beautiful as always! Hope the New Year brings you as fabulous and fantastic a year as 2010 looks to have been for you!

    P.S. I added you to my blogroll at theblogofobsessivecoolness.blogspot.com. Can’t wait to see more from you! Happy New Year!

  11. So, I absolutely love you. The styles you showcase on your blog, along with your perfect waves and gorgeous face, make for a fabulous visit. And I shall revisit. Now, where was it that I saw this photos in a magazine recently….

  12. happy new year from sweden!
    i just wonder what kind of camera you have? i think it takes photos with amazing quality!

  13. Happy Newyear, sweetie!
    I like your blog!
    &. Maybe you’ll like to follow me, so we can follow eachother?
    Love &. Kisses, Valerie

  14. i like your style although mine is totally ifferent… but i see you are faithfull to yours and i always like that ;)

  15. oh these pics are amazing. this is why you’ve always been one of my faves from the very beginning of this blogging craziness.
    happy new yearrrr carolina!
    congrats on all of your success!

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