bad karma


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THE DRESS. Yesterday I found the perfect dress (exactly the kind I’ve been looking for since forever), on sale for like $25. I walk home on clouds, so happy about my new amazing dress, and when I get home I realize that I have lost the bag with the dress in.

I have spent the day calling all the stores and places I visited yesterday but the shopping bag is no where to be seen. I have been to 5 stores, but the dress is sold out everywhere. My perfect dress = gone forever. If I only had lost one of the other bags I carried around instead. I’m sad beyond words.

16 thoughts on “bad karma

  1. Did you check transport? and coffee shops….thats such a killer, i once lost one heel out of my bag and it was so much more annoying than loosing both cause i could see how beautiful there were.

  2. åh förstår att du är ledsen över det. Det finns ju tusen klänningar men ingen som den. Men det finns också viktigare saker än klänningar och kläder överhuvudtaget. :)

  3. Har gjort exakt samma sak med en kavaj jag köpte. Var helt överlycklig för det var den perfekta kavajen och den sista som fanns kvar i hela stan. Sen efter några timmar upptäckte jag att jag inte bar på påsen längre. Letade överallt men fick snällt ta och acceptera att den var borta.

  4. i’m sad for you because even though it’s “just a dress”, i know exactly how you feel. amazing pieces don’t just come around everyday! here’s to something even bigger and better coming your way =)

  5. oh my! that has got to be the saddest thing i’ve heard in a while!!! not bad karma, just not meant to be….. =(

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