Pictures by Mattias Swenson

BURGUNDY. Next in line of colorful denim are these deep Burgundy ones I found at Topshop. The color is even more stunning in person and I love the dramatic effect they provide when paired with black & gold! The Pierre Cardin knit I’m wearing is probably one of my most treasured vintage finds of all times. I remember screaming with joy when I found it at the bottom of a gigantic pile of random raindeer sweaters (even more so when I saw the price tag, pretty much got it for free). It’ s one of those lifesaver pieces that I whip out whenever an outfit is in need of that extra oomph, and it never fails!

MANGO coat. PIERRE CARDIN gold sweater (vintage). ZARA scarf. TOPSHOP jeans. DIN SKO shoes. FENDI bag. ZARA gloves. MICHAEL KORS watch.


129 thoughts on “burgundy/gold

  1. I absolutely love your lipstick…could you please tell me what is the brand and colour?

  2. I’m currently obsessing over deep colors too specifically burgundy, purple and military green which I just found out that you three, Andy + Chiara, are wearing! I guess great minds really do think alike! ;) I also love your oxblood red pants! Wish I have all the money in the world!!!!!!!


  3. So that outfit is amazing. Those pants look like the perfect color. I love the shoes. And as someone who just through a fit on their hair that is now tiny, I’m super jealous of your hair.


  4. Carolina, these beautiful even with Zara clothing. You have an incredible image, conveys the same feelings as the sphinxes in the form of ancient Egyptian cat … you are incredibly adorable but feared, I imagine that in reality are normal and all. You like Barcelona? already know her? I now live in Munich and I like more, perhaps by people, goes cool.

    I follow.

    If you want some day Come by my corner, visit http://www.laviequo.com

    XOXO from Munich

    La Vie Quotidienne


  5. Looking at the photos , first thing that crosses my mind is : how interesting and inspiring face . You have the luck to be able to wear anything , cause things look different when you wear them , no mater the style , or the color . I follow your blog only few days , but that’s the first thing I’ve noticed .

  6. You look stunning.
    If I see you walking around the street
    I’d definitely turn my head around to take a second look!


  7. ~great ensemble and you are right, it’s hard to appreciate the color of the pants in the pics, but I know the exact pair you are wearing and they are fantastic!

  8. Super niceeeeee outfit!!!! i love your blog!!! if you like fashion you should chck my blogª!! maybe you would like it! I have a new post about my day yesterday at a photoshoot!! kiisses!!


  9. Burgundy and Gold are my favorite colors together!!! This top reminds me of a Sugar Lips top that has hints of gold in it.

  10. There is not a thing is this outfit I am not DYING to own, this looks spectacular together. I have been searching for the perfect burgundy or wine color jeans and you may have found them. This is beyond perfect!

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