Boyfriend jeans

Carolina Engman

Boyfriend Jeans (via

Photos by Mattias Swenson

This is pretty much my go-to outfit on days when I a) “don’t have anything to wear” b) have managed to “accidentally” hit the snooze button 10 times in a row and really don’t have time to think about what to wear. Maybe not the most innovative look, but when you’re running late, less is definitely more!

BLAZER H&M Studio Collection. TEE Comme des Garcons. JEANS J Brand. SHOES Jimmy Choo. BAG Proenza Schouler.

72 thoughts on “Boyfriend jeans

  1. You look amazing in Boyfriend Jeans! I don’t think I cam pull them off but you may them look great with the blazer. xx

  2. This outfit is incredible! Knowing this is you “hit the snooze” outfit makes it even better!

    Sophia //

  3. You always look amazing whatever dress you wear! Just like now, that boyfriend jeans are so simple for me but you paired it with that Jimmy Choo shoes that makes you fabulous!

  4. We all have a go to outfit, although most bloggers seem to keep that quiet as some kind of dirty secret which is weird! Mine is usually black skinnies with boots and a slogan tee, but right now I’ve switched the tee for and oversized sweat, boots for plimsols and upgraded my jeans to ripped. I also have a similar stripey tee to you which I wear A LOT, every girl needs one

  5. It doesn’t have to be complicated or original all the time. You can never go wrong with a simple but classic looking outfit! Sometimes bloggers just try too hard but I love that your outfits are realistc yet super stylish. That’s a style a find inspiring.

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