boyfriend jeans

carolina engman boyfriend jeans

Pictures by Mattias Swenson

TUESDAY. Hey guys! Just wanted to do a quick post of yesterday’s outfit featuring some trusted wardrobe classics I’ll never get sick of! Meanswear inspired coat form Emerson Fry, Cashmere sweater from Uniqlo, worn out boyfriend jeans from Zara & of course my favorite bag from Proenza Schouler. Hope you have a great day!

Här kommer lite bilder på gårdagens outfit med ett gäng garderobsfavoriter som jag nog aldrig kommer att tröttna på. Herrinspirerad kappa från Emerson Fry, kashmirtröja från Uniqlo, slitna boyfriend jeans från Zara & såklart favoritväskan från Proenza Schouler!

cashmere beanie via fashionsquad

carolina engman via fashionsquad

emerson fry coat

carolina engman - emerson fry coat

carolina engman via fashionsquad

COAT Emerson Fry (here). CASHMERE SWEATER Uniqlo (similar one here). JEANS Zara (similar ones here & here). BAG Proenza Schouler (here). CASHMERE BEANIE Uniqlo (similar one here). WATCH Michael Kors (similar ones here). SHOES Zara (old ones but similar here).

116 thoughts on “boyfriend jeans

  1. Oh my! They’re opening an Uniqlo here in Melbourne soon! I can’t wait to get my hands on some pieces like that sweater! :)

  2. girl your style is effortless. It looks like you’ve put it in 5 minutes but each time i’m looking at ya, you always looks so good


  3. You prove how simple and minimalist can be stunning. The colour palet is probably my favorite (i mean, baby pink, white/cream and grey, it’s perfection <3) and this coat is just so stunning!!!!

  4. That Pink coat is flawless!! Love the layering, and speaking of coats and layers, (I know I’ve said this already lol) I just uploaded my first ever ONE COAT, THREE WAYS triple outfit post on how to style one coat three ways, in this case, an outlet mall found Céline runway coat. Seriously, it’s guaranteed to PROVOKE! Even including a funny GIF of me at the end, so laugh away- #ProvokingCoats

    xx The Provoker

  5. You look absolutely gorgeous!
    The colors of the outfit look so nice on you! Great choice :)

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