23 thoughts on “Boy by Band of Outsiders

  1. I miss Kirsten too! Her style around 2006-2008 was amazing, please come back Kirsten!

  2. she is what I would like to call fräään rakt igenom! I get in a really bad mood these days. bad weather, no money and gooorgeous clothes and pictures….what to do what to do?!

  3. i totally in love wit the collection..i did post it on my blog too last week.. its like a true inspiration :)

    love ur blog, its amazing <3 x

  4. De har gjort et veldig bra valg når de har satt Kirsten som modell for denne linjen, det føles absolutt som klær hun ville bært til vanlig. Hun er min favorittskuespillerinne, skjønner ikke hvorfor hun har fått så mye dritt de siste årene..

  5. Incredible!
    I admired them yesterday : inexhaustible inspiration’s source!!
    I’m crazy about it also!
    Fond of ur’ style, let’s me smile and dream again & again…
    Kisses from Paris

  6. Why did moved to this place? I prefer your own blog. Now it looks like you´re blogging for a company and not for yourself…it doesn´t have that unique look anymore.

  7. oh my gosh!
    no matter how many times i see these pieces
    i still love them all
    its the whole presence i love what stylist can do
    i can’t wait to start a business of my own

    enjoy the weekend!

  8. Daniel: Too bad you feel that way – I however think it’s a great opportunity to blog for a magazine like aperfectguide. I did fashionsquad.com for three years and it feels really good to take it to the next level. It’s still my own blog, the only thing that has changed is the address and layout.

  9. I die for Band of Outsiders! Ya Kirsten Dunst has been hiding or something lately- I love her style! This Band of Outsider collection is actually the background on my computer!

  10. i loved this whole collection esp the black dress with white jacket and candy coloured shoes. woosh so sexy:)

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