Botkier Holiday 2010



Photos by Mattias Swenson

HOLIDAY. Remember back in August when I modelled in the Botkier “Bad Girl” campaign together with a couple of other bloggers? Well, a couple of weeks ago they asked me if I wanted to style a shoot with my favorite holiday bag and my answer was obviously YES!

The lovely Beck Hobo that I’m wearing comes with a long shoulder strap for that perfect bohemian look and has a buttery, textured leather that is out of this world! (Seriously, couldn’t stop touching it during the shoot..)
If you’re lusting after one of these babies, hop over to and give yourself an early Christmas present.
Or… stay tuned.. ;)

79 thoughts on “Botkier Holiday 2010

  1. Wow!!! Perfect photos!!! Just stunning. I love the flare trousers, your beautiful Lita’s and the big boho poncho with the hat. Just a perfect outfit! I don’t think I have to mention how much I love the bag?!

  2. Aaaawwww, how cool! I like your outfit a lot! Especially your trousers!
    They look so good on you, these shoes match perfecty!
    Are you sad to leave NY soon?


  3. Ahhhhhh! The post with the white/cream Zara dress & bicycle… for Botkier was my favorite! Actually it still is, but that bag seriously looks delicious! xox

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