Botkier giveaway! (CLOSED!)


LOVE. I had a little chat with the lovely people over at Botkier and guess what, Christmas comes early this year!
This week, Fashion Squad + Botkier is giving one lucky reader the chance to win their very own 70’s chic Botkier Beck Hobo!!

All you need to do to enter the giveaway is:

1. Like Fashion Squad on Facebook

2. Follow Botkier on Twitter

3. Leave a comment with your name, email address + why YOU should win the bag!

The competition is open for everyone and ends on monday December 6th, go go go!

UPDATE: The competition has ended, the winner will be announced December 8th!

589 thoughts on “Botkier giveaway! (CLOSED!)

  1. The bag is simply AMAZING. The color and the leather, WOW! This would be like the best thing I could give to my mother for christmas. She’s a bag addict and I know that this one would become her favorite of all time! Love you Carolina, you are doing such a good job on your Blog.

  2. OMFG I´m a boy but how ever the bag is amazing and boys also love bags and these one will be perfect for the next time !!! love from olive.

  3. This bag is just amazing . I’m actually looking for something just like this bag

    Regards, Agata Suwala

  4. I should win because my husband says I have too many bags and that we need to save our money for other items like groceries and paying the electric bill … which means in order to get a new fabu bag I am going to have to win it!

  5. I really need a bag, a special bag that none of my friends have. I don’t have a good-looking bag but I’m trying as hard as posible to wear nice clothes, jewelry, bags and shoes, but it’s hard when my wardrobe is like all H&M. I want to be a fashionista, hopefully this will be the first step of becoming one.

  6. i should win the Botkier bag bc it’s a fab bag, and it will look even more fab on my shoulder this fall =D also i would love to carry this bag around nyc when i visit this winter~

  7. I would love to win this Botkier bag because my last brown leather bag was stolen when my friend’s car got broken into! Definitely fits my style too! Ahhh great giveaway! Oh, and following on Facebook & Twitter!

    – Sandy M.

  8. I should win the Botkier bag because it would be the first designer bag that I own and I would love it!

  9. I loved this bag the moment I laid my eyes on it, it’s so gorgeous, it’s totally hot! I even have the shoes to match it, it’s perfect. I’m away from my family this year so if I win this it will probably be the only Christmas gift I’ll be getting. It would be the best! pick me, pick me! :)


  10. I love this bag. I thought it was gorgeous during your photo shoot. Made me realize how much I love the soft brown. I think I should win because I’m in desperate need of a good bag to wear while in New York City and Botkier just screams New York

  11. I absolutely adore this bag! Somehow I never seem to find the perfect, affordable bag.This one though, sigh, i love it!
    It’d be the piece I would have with me every day.

    Love and kisses,

  12. Hey!
    I would like to win because I think it’s a beautiful bag that I unfortunately couldn’t afford myself at the moment. I’m very interested in fashion but unfortunately I don’t have the budget for it since I’m a student. It would be so amazing to win this bag because I’m in a heavy study-period right now and could really use something to be cheer me up and keep on going.

    Always when I’m competing in competitions like this I think that it has to be a first time for everything, and since I’ve never won anything I hope that this will be my first time!
    I’m really crossing my fingers and hope you will pick me.


  13. The bag would be a perfect christmas gift for my best friend Sara. She is addictet in bags, me in shoes :D
    sorry for my bad english, greetings Laura

  14. I should win that heavenly creature because:
    1-It’s really amazing!! For the shape but also for the leather, It looks really high quality!!
    2-In my country I can’t find it so it would be nice if I won it
    3-I really need a bag that can be called “BAG”
    ok, that’s all!
    your blog is really amazing and through it I can see you are a good person!!
    thanks, bye.

  15. I would be so happy if I won this; I just bought a really cool and big cardi earlier today that would go PERFECTLY with this bag! :D I’m also in desperate need of a cool bag that I can fit both my camera + all my other junk into, that doesn’t seem like it’s going to fall apart any time soon.

    Crossing my fingers!
    hugs ‘n kisses from Edona.

  16. I should win the Botkier bag ’cause I always get shitty christmas presents. I don’t own any designer bags and that would be perfect for me. Bad don’t look so huge or too small and the color it’s fantastic. This list gonna be long but i’m so tired now so I need to go sleep now!


  17. Botkier is one of my favorite designs that I can’t afford. It looks amazing on your shoulder, and once I saw the Botkier Holidays post of yours I’ve been drooling over it. It is so chic, and if I only had the money I would buy it myself. Hope I win!

    Vilde Alette, Norway

  18. I really love the bag! Searching for the perfect brown bag for this winter, and I found it! Unfortunately, as a student, I can’t afford bags this expensive, so winning it would really made my day (or year).
    Love, Irene

  19. I was falling in love when i saw this bag on bloglovin’
    you have such of a grate style , good choise! I hope to win it!
    also I love you as fashion blogger! I hope to meet you one day =)

    martina mercedes corradetti

  20. I should win the bag because of the sisterhood that connect us Carolines in the world, our name means FREE WOMAN and it rules
    come on!

    (and i love your collection of cross necklaces)

  21. Why I think I should win this bag? Easy, this bag simply matches perfectly with my christmass outfit! And beside that, this bag is perfect for every single occasion.

    Love from the Netherlands,

  22. hi! i could totally rock that bag! i mean with a furtail and some funky stuff to pimp it i would rock it…..and plus i would never come near such a expensive and handsome bag in my position…..
    thank you so much for the opportunity to win that perfect bag….
    kisses form denmark….
    xo ELLEN…

  23. I would love to win this amazing bag! It would be my first designer bag, and this is also my only shot to get a designer bag because I can’t afford it and my parents would NEVER allow me to buy one if I had the money. This would mean so much to me, I don’t think that anyone can get how badly I want it!
    Fingers crossed
    Love, Hanna

  24. Hey Carolina:)

    the reason why I should get this bag is simple.. I haven’t bought myself a new handbag since 3 years! (this might sound like a selfish reason.. but I just haven’t found the right one.. and I think it’s time this should change)



  25. Have to have this bag! It’s totally amazing and it would be even more amazing to own it then I don’t own any designerbags at all and if owned it I would spend all my days with it around my arm. And I could never afford it myself.
    Hope for the best!!


  26. I should be the lucky winner, cause I am really in loove with that decade and everything with a label ’70s’ should be automatically given to moi, cos really, i am a real maniac. Besides, that bag is so stunning, that i must say, i’m dying inside just to touch the amazingness, and you have to bare in mind that if i wont win, my death will be at your fault! ;)


  27. I love Botkier! I only have a Botkier Bianca and have been using that for around 2.5 years now. I should win this bag because it’s about time I get to use a new Botkier!!! x

  28. Hi, my name is Catarina Veloso, and I’m portuguese.
    I should win this bag because, I’m just 15 years old, and I’m starting in the world of fashion, and this bag would be a perfect opportunity to develop my good taste.
    I’m sorry for my bad English.


  29. ahhhh, i have only one left bag unfortunately because of various reasons |’D
    and this one would totally match my coat ♥
    i’m in love already (‘ u ‘)

  30. This bag is amazing! I would like to win it because I’m a bag addicted, a brown addicted and a leather addicted! lol but I can’t afford it at all :( It will be a wonderful Christmas gift! kisses from Italy

  31. I would love to win this amazing bag! It would be my first designer bag, and this is also my only shot to get one beacuse I can’t afford it and my parents would NEVER let me buy it even if I had the money. They think that i should prioritate other things instead.. I don’t think that anyone can understand how badly i want this! Thos would be the best gift ever.
    Fingers crossed
    Love, Hanna

  32. I’m following on Facebook. I’d love to win the bag because it would be much loved, well used and my first taste of luxury. It looks to be the perfect size for my copious amounts of literary theory books with space for a cheeky Vogue in lectures…

    Love Hannah

  33. I really need a new bag because my previous bag from Lindex is starting to fall apart, and I would really like to have bag with better quality, which I assume that this Botkier bag can provide me with! :)

  34. i should win this bag because it would be perfect for hauling all my stuff around the city.

  35. I wasn’t sure that my comment was posted so I wrote it all again.. That’s how much I want it!

  36. Hi! I’m from a small town in Colombia and there is no way I could get my hands on this bag..sooo..:D Pick ME :D! hahaha I know everyone’s feeling the same way so I only hope that the girl (or boy) that actually gets it looks absolutely amazing with the bag! hehe good look to all!

  37. Why I want it?
    because it’s seems that dreams do get real after all. I usually dream of what I would want to wear and I don’t buy some much chothes because the perfect ones are perfect in my dream and usually nothing beats them. but with the Botkier Beck Hobo it’s definitely some other story. I would really be happy having it.

    Simona Rijin

  38. Growing up in Greensboro, North Carolina has not been easy for me. I for one, was born a New Yorker at heart. Suffocated by the constant stench of Abercrombie & Fitch perfume at my high school, I prefer to stand apart. Fashion is my life and that gorgeous bag will fit right in with my less-than-gorgeous lifestyle. I can already feel the soft brown leather on my arm for a walk around town…or to chemistry.

  39. oh my ! this bag is dreamy ! so let’s give it a try, like your style by the way, inspiring indeed. kisses !

  40. What an amazing giveaway dear! Since I relocated to Canada, I have been going through a very tiring & costly immigration process. In order to make wardrobe updates, I was forced to sell several designer items on Ebay (bags, jewelry, etc.). Sacrifices must be made when the income isn’t the same as it was when I was living in the USA. Therefore, winning this bag would be an amazing opportunity for me & also serve as a great early 25th birthday present to myself (dec 26th is the big day). Thanks so much for the opportunity :)


  41. Hi Caroline!

    Thanks for posting this. That is a beautiful bag. I hope to win this Botkier Hobo bag because last December, I was mugged near my apartment and my favorite MBMJ bag was stolen. It was so devastating and since that day, I haven’t bought a nice bag to replace it yet! I am still waiting for the perfect one that is worth splurging – this might be the one. :)


  42. Wow I love this bag, the colour is amazing!
    I need to win this, as I’ve just spend all my money on an appartment, and I’m going to medical school for the next 6 years, so I need to get a good quality bag, which won’t fall apart in the middle of a semester when carrying all my heavy books! (of course I’ll still take good care of it :) )
    Besides it will go with almost everything in my wardrobe.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed, it’s a great giveaway!
    xx Tea

  43. I totally hope that I’ll win this bag because I love it’s boho vibe o so much♥ It would be the perfect bag to accompany me on my trips!

    Lore Callewaert (

  44. I “like” you on Facebook – I’m “Breakfast at Saks”
    I follow Botkier on twitter as @BreakfastatSaks

    I think I deserve to win because I don’t have a everyday big bag like this! I have been trying to stuff all of my junk into my tiny little clutch-size bags and it just isn’t working any more!

  45. Hi!
    I can’t say why i should win the baf because it will sounds really selfish, but i can say why i want to win it! :)
    It seems really pretty and i could keep lot of things in it!
    kisses carolina :)

  46. This bag is amazing! To die for! I need it cause I will love it and I deserve it and I couldn’t find it in Spain! It seems so awesome! Love it!

  47. I would love to win this bag because it’s a perfect christmas gift!! It’s simply amazing!

  48. The reason why i should win this back is simple… I need it. I have to have it. That’s all. (Please)

    – Anne :)

  49. I did everything you asked for :)
    twitter : xNadiaBbii

    Why I should win?
    Many people win something on blogs because they have a blog themselves. That’s not fair.
    I do my best, or even more to read the articles, comment, share it with friends etc, and always do people with an own blog win.
    + I’ve never had such expensive thing as the gift of this giveaway!
    I know many people have designer clothes etc, but I simply can’t afford it.
    So if I should win, for this one time, you would make me a very happy girl.

    I’ll follow you from now on with pleasure.
    Good luck to everyone!

    xxx Nadia ♥

  50. I think i am in love. with a bag. which is so weird, that i think i need to have the bag. so he can give me a little bit of his love back!


  51. Wow, that bag means business! It looks gorgeous and sturdy, what I look for in a bag (especially since I own a total of 3 bags, all with holes or broken straps) This would be perfect!

  52. I should have the bag cause I simply love it and it goes so great with a lot of stuff I got this fall/winter.The color is beautiful.

    …and because I was a goos girl and went to all the University classes :P



  53. I should win this bag because if I get it, I promise to kiss and caress that buttery chocolate pebbled leather and give it the love it deserves! I swear to always keep it in a dust bag and never wear it with anything less than my hottest outfits! I want it because in the blink of an eye I can think of a hundred great ways to wear it! Whenever people see me wearing it they’ll always say “wow, look at that girl with the stylish clothes and AMAZING bag”! I should win it because Botkier and I deserve each other,and I have no other chocolate bag to rival it, it will always be my number 1 :)

    Love, Alis

  54. What an ah-mazzzinggg giveaway! :) I’m stoked!

    I liked fashion squad on fb, but I don’t have a twitter account in order to follow botkier! I hope I can still enter!

    I’d love to win the bag because I am deperate need of a superb classic, leather handbag…and what better than an ah-mazing hobo? The leather looks gorg, I’d just love to win it!

    ::fingers crossed::


  55. That bag is absolutely stunning! I really love it and it would be the first really valuable thing Ive ever won:) Please please I wanna be the ONE!

    Love from Slovakia:)

    – Karin,

  56. i need this bag because….. i die for it and ill post lots of pics on my blog which will get them a lot of exposure in the young LA/hollywood area. i live in west hollywood and my fashion blog is really popular and well known around here with all the young fashionistas and models.
    shea marie from

  57. I have to win this give-away because i REALLY REALLY REALLY want it and already sent Santa Claus a letter that i want that bag. Does Santa exist?! :)

  58. Viola Bergström

    Hi Carolina! Gorgeous bag. You know what, I’ve been really good this year – Santa should know! I’ve brushed my teeth every single day, eaten my meals and done my homework. I have walked the dog and picked up the poop from the ground, and I have quit biting my nails. Search GOOD on Google and my name will pop up! Look at pictures and find me! And what would be more cute than a botkier bag together with me on those pictures? Merry Christmas!

    Love your blog, xxx Viola!

  59. simply because the bag is stunning, im just a student that can barely pay the rents, I never win _anything_ and finally, I would love love loove to win!


  60. Hi there,
    Why I should win this bag? Well, I think I got a million of reasons for why I should get it, but at the same time it would seem a little bit too selfish. Many people don’t even have a chance to get their hands on a designer bag, but I’m not one of them. I’m not rich nor poor. I like to think that I’m average. I’m only 17 (I’ll turn 18 on 21. December!), I don’t have a job, because I chose to focus on my studies, this nearly means that I don’t have a chance to get a handbag like this now. Maybe in a couple of years ++. But to have a designer bag now would mean soo much for me. I love to put together outfits, even though I’m not a fashion blogger (I’m a photo blogger). I want every piece to go together perfect, and I really think that this bag goes with it all (yeah, I’m not Kate Moss who can just do it in a hurry, haha). I don’t have any designers bag now, and this would really lighten up the dark winter days in Norway. When I wear something that makes me feel beautiful, it lightens up my day SO much. Even though I don’t wear makeup every day at shcool, my outfits makes me feel special and beautiful, and I believe this bag would make me feel even better.


  61. I would be the happiest person ever if I had the Botkier Beck hobo bag on my shoulder!
    It would be the essential part of every outfit, the leather is just breathtaking and the color is perfect. Would carry it with me wherever my adventures will take me. xoxo Lára Kristín

  62. i would LOVE a botkier bag to my miniscule bag collection :) & i love looking at this blog!! :) yay fashionsquad :D

  63. I have been looking for a well-made dark pebbled leather bag for some time now, and I think this would be the perfect addition to my closet! This would be my classic bag that I could wear with anything and I would love it dearly! Also, love the hardware on it! Love your blog!

  64. Hi I have ‘followed’ on twitter and ‘liked’ on facebook!

    I was carrying my perfume around in my handbag and it smashed so I stink every room I go into out with Kate Moss’s perfume and it would be amazing to relieve my work colleagues of this everyday!

    Fingers crossed xoxo

  65. I should win because this bag is great for my everyday use and also fashion and i been looking for that kind of bag. goodluck to me :D

  66. I’ve been longing for a bag like that for such a long time, but I could never afford it. Especially not around christmastime. I’ve been saving up for a new bag since forever, but I can’t seem to stop buying christmas gifts for everyone else :P I started buying christmasgifts for my family in october, and still I find things I’d like to give them! With this attitude, there’s no wonder why I never can afford anything for myself.

    For example, I woke up at 6 AM (on a school-day off!) to buy one of the “linvin for HM”-dresses for my friend (me and some other friends of her will split the cost). She had been drooling over it for weeks, but couldn’t afford it (I can’t wait for her to get it!!! :D). I’m still not done with my christmasgift shopping, so I didn’t buy anything for myself from that collection, in fear of not affording the upcoming gifts :(. Well, I actually bought that pink neclace ;)… Soon I’ll have spent all of my summer-job money that was supposed to go to a mulberry bayswater in oak… *sigh*…

    Ralph Waldo Emerson once said/wrote: “Happiness is a perfume which you cannot pour on someone without getting some on yourself.”. I’ts very, very true, but it does not apply to gifts :(


  67. THe size and color is the perfect everyday bag. It would be so exciting to win for the fact that its a “BOTKIER BAG” and it would be my first. My mom and I would for sure wear the heck out of this purse and we would not take it for granted. Love the purse!! Great giveaway and thanks for the opportunity.

    xox Lovely Fringe

  68. I LOVE this bag and I think I should win it because I really would love to include this bag in my outfits on my blog! :)

  69. What a beautiful bag. My name is Laura Hunter-Thomas, my email address is, and I’ve done steps 1 and 2 above. I’m not sure if there’s any reason I SHOULD win the bag over anybody else, but here’s the reason I’d love to: I’m actually British but I’m here in the US because I’m training for the Olympics with the US Olympic Coach. I am supported (in many ways, but most emphatically, financially) by my amazing parents, who sometimes have nothing more to eat in a week than a loaf of bread and a bag of pasta so that I can be here living my dream. To make things less stressful for them this year I’ve committed to taking care of everything on my Xmas wish list myself. So, long story short (!), this would make a great Xmas present for me!
    Good luck to everyone in the giveaway! Great blog Carolina!

  70. Jehane Lindley

    I’m an Aussie girl who’s moved to Stockholm just as you have moved away to New York! I’d love to win the Botkier bag to ease the home sickness, especially at Christmas time. Hope you’ll make it home for all the Swedish traditions!

  71. i’ll say i have to win this bag because i’m from Paraguay and it’ll be cool if i have that Christmas present arriving for me to take it with me to all my wonderful adventures this summer :)

  72. I’m a photographer’s model, a marketeer, a massage therapist and a Mum-on-the-run, this is quite frankly the only beautiful bag that will fit my life into it’s sumptuous leather folds. Botkier Fashion Squad gods – have mercy on me!

  73. I need a new bag. All my old ones are broken :( All my staff falls down on the snow while I walk.Ridiculoulsly hilarious ;)
    Thank you so much, anyway. Greetings from Spain!!!!

  74. No way! this is to god damn gorgeos :D
    I just got my hair cut’ today, but it looks like a squirel went crazy on a sponge XD
    buuutt…if this bag was hanging from my schoulder, I am pretty sure no one would notice the ugly hair X3
    but seriously, it looks horrible! DX

  75. At home i have a pair of shoes in 70s style which are yearning for a Botkier Beck Hobo and that´s why i should win it. It´s just…, just perfect.

  76. ‘If not me than who?’ :)

    This bag is gorgeous. Dear Santa Claus, I was nice and polite. You know what to do :)


  77. Hi! Great giveaway! I really love this bag!
    I follow Botkier on Twitter and I like U on Facebook.
    I think, bag should comes to me cause: I really want to have new bag, it is great gift for Christmas, I need big bag to school and…. I have new shoes and this bag will look great with them!

    Marcelina :)) xxx

  78. I should win the bag because I am a student with minus on my account every end of the month. And to breath I need fashion. Not at least a new bag, while mine is a trashy old one from some wanky place like Lindex, and one that used to by my mums. If it entered my wardrobe, I would treat it as a kingdom.

  79. Hello,
    I think owning a real leather bag is a must for ones who like fashion as much as I do. I’d cherish “Beck” with love and appreciate how it suits well with my blue jeans or its marvellous texture under m fingertips… I’m already in love with it which is a dang good reason for me to win it <3

  80. i just love this bag’s amazing,that kind of leather is one of my favourite!!!
    i love your blog and thanks for letting me know this amazing brand!!!

    Dec 20th is my b-day!!!
    hope to win this gorgeous bag,it would be THE perfect Christmas/b-day present ever!!!!!
    thank you

  81. i LOVEloveLOVE this bag, and i could never in a million years afford this nice of a purse. and its the perfect everything for me!(: pluss i looove botkier!

  82. I should win the bag because I’ve been obsessing about this bag ever since I saw it in your post from November 23. The brown leather is so gorgeous! But since I’m a poor poor student I could never afford it. Help the ones pursuing their dreams, please give me the bag of my dreams!

  83. I love the bag! It would be perfect for my everyday life, all my files would fit into the bag!

  84. Botkier has a Twitter I am so there LOL as long as they don’t spam I hate it when companies do that. Anywho I am all for winning this bag I only own 3 purses (no lie and I wear them out like crazy) so that’s why this bag would be amazing for me and why I should win it. I could use a new bag in my life. Anyway can’t wait to see who wins.


  85. i’d love to win this because a) it has a versatile color that would go with any outfit and b) i really desperate need a a new bag – all my current ones are old. and of course c) because it’s so purdyy! :)

  86. why should i win this bag? because the 70s is my favorite decade. because this bag is the perfect soft piece to juxtapose the edgy studs, spikes, grays and blacks of my wardrobe. because botkier is an investment piece. because i would love and take care of it.

    i follow and like :)

  87. Hello, Hello!

    My name is Bex and my e-mail addy is

    I would personally love to win this beyond beautiful bag because I’ve been on the lookout for one big and sturdy enough to hold my next blogging adventure of shooting my own style pics (which means it would need to hold a camera, a tripod, my laptop, wallet, a pair of flats and my phone) This would be ideal.

    From one blogger to another, I hope you take pity on me! ;)


  88. Personally, I think that the bag is amazing and beautiful and that it would be very useful as well when I have to start toting around my camera, and there are possiblly a million other reasons why I would WANT (forgive the caps, I don’t know how to do italics in comments) the bag, but honestly I don’t know why I SHOULD win the bag or why anyone else SHOULD. I’ll throw my hat into the ring though, and wish you all luck! <3

  89. I so need this bag! I was a broke college student as it is, then my hours got cut from work. So not only do I not get to do any new purse shopping for a LONG while, but now I have to figure out how I’m going to pay for books next semester :( I think this would be the perfect way to cheer me up…lol! my email addy is — followed botkier and liked yall on facebook! :)

  90. I should win this bag because it would be the perfect Christmas present…for ME! After a hard year trying to make ends meet, a luxurious item would truly make my holidays sparkle and shine. The luxurious color would match many outfits and the bag would look wonderful styled in many different ways. Botkier bags are practical yet gorgeous and I’d love to make one mine.

  91. I wanna my Botkier Beck Hobo so bad, ’cause I’m a bad girl and bad girls wear fancy boots and bootkier trendies!

  92. I think I should be the proud new owner of this simply amazing Botkier Beck Hobo as in Australia where I live it is coming into Summer! This bag would totally suit trips to the beach and would look extraordinary in 70’s chic style clothing & it would be amazing to be able to read Vogue on the beach!!

  93. This bag is love at first sight… and you can’t separate a girl from her true love.

  94. Oh – a bag like this
    would be such a bliss
    to own and love forever wit passion.
    For every day use
    no matter what outfit i choose
    I would look always look just so fashion!

    I’m allowed to dream I hope :)

  95. This bag is simply heavenly and lovely and it lives in my dreams and a dream is a wish your heart makes so my heart is wishing for this bag and when something comes from the heart it is truly pure and I’m not a bag fanatic so the fact that I’m in love with this bag is something special and it would make me very happy to win! =)

  96. This bag is gorgeous, and gorgeous trendy items such as this needs to be shared with the mundane boring campus scene, and of course.. of a poor University student.

  97. My bday is coming soon, so I guess this would be the perfect present and I would finally win ONE out of the hundred of giveaways I always participate in but never win ;)

  98. I should win this bag because I’m chic yet a broke college student. i deserve to win a nice bag i cant afford! plus i love botkier!

  99. I LOVE this bag!!! I should win the bag because Botkier is one of my all time fav handbag lines but I haven’t been able to afford one yet. It would be the best Christmas present ever!

    Also, love your blog!

    Lindsay Newton

  100. LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag, when I saw it on your post I just fell for the leather and the shape, Im a chilean girl working in fashion in Mexico City, and living in this town aint easy so i need a super cool bag that can hold all my stuff so I can run around the metropolis!!!

  101. I should win this bag becauseee I LOVE it and it needs a home with someone who would wear it and work it!!! If I won this bag I would definetely give away one of my other designer bags to someone less fortunate than I as a Christmas present

  102. i would like to win this bag because first of all i LOVE it:) and i’m in need of a new bag and this one seems quite perfect!

  103. I would love to have this bag because I have been searching for a brown leather bag like that for so long!

  104. I am obsessed with you, your style and your blog. I never win anything and this bag is ridiculous !! I would love to gift it to my best friend for christmas because she deserves it and i cannot afford it. She would die!! Love love xxoo Alex

  105. I LOVE YOU! i love your blog and i would be so happy and grateful to receive a bag like this because its not only beautiful its a staple and a piece you could hand down for generations to come. I don’t have any real high quality bags and if there is something you should invest in is shoes and bags! too bad i don’t have a job yet !

  106. YES! I need this bag because I’ve been working hard on my jewelry collection and need a reward!!!

  107. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!just saw your giveaway!!!L O V E your giveaway!!!!!!!!
    I hope I’ll win it,because I am inlove with it….love at first sight……..

    liked you at Facebook as Vasia Giannakoulia
    and followed Botkier at Twitter @vasaki_gr

  108. Botkier does it again with another lust worthyyyy handbag!!! loving the brown leather and gold accents!!! this bag needs a new home and its more than welcome in my arms!! God its gorgeous!! plain and simple please pick me!!! :D

  109. oh my, this is one gorgeous bag!
    it goes with pretty much all the different kinds of clothes in my wardrobe ♥

    i love your style carolina!

  110. I am an absolutely addicted and obsessed with fashion and your website!! I work in a boring office environment, and try to always find new ways to spice up my work wardrobe. I come from a small city, and love that I can refer to you blog for amazing ideas and inspiration to create my own unique look! This bag is absolutely gorgeous and ridiculously amazing! Would love to get this bag to fit all my stuff (since it is such a perfect size), and have it be the icing on my christmas and upcoming birthday!! It will also jazz up any outfit I wear!

  111. name: sharon
    email: purple_elephantss (at)
    why YOU should win the bag: one can never have too many bags (; plus, it would work perfectly with my outfits!

  112. Brianna
    that is literally the most perfect bag in my eyes right now. I know all these lovely ladies are trying hard to win this but i would seriously love to win something, I have the worst luck when it comes to the lottery and give aways (hahah) and to win this would be a MIRACLE!!

  113. this bag would be the best thing that happened to me this year! :) I’ve always wanted a nice bag like this one but i could never score it for a reasonable price. I would never mistreat this beautiful bag if i won it, that includes leaving it on the floor and such lol

  114. LOVELOVELOVE!! I have been searching for a bag of this perfection for what seems like FOREVER. Texture, size, colour, everything.. It is 100% my style and have actually had it on my mind since you first posted, (after 7 years my favourite handbag is sadly no longer with me so I have been looking for a suitable replacement..) and now that there is the possibility of owning it just unbelievable!! I am a huge fan of Botkier so this seems almost too good to be true. So generous and well in keeping with the Christmas spirit!

    Happy Holidays!

  115. I have a huge obsession with bags and have ever since I could pursuade my mother to let me carry one to school with my backpack. Unfortunately with an upcoming wedding and being recently without a job, I can only window shop and drool over the buttery leather hobos and the intricately designed clutches. I am a huge fan of Botkier’s beautiful bags, I love their beautiful cuts and how they offer simple classics along with stunning show pieces. And their SHOES! Don’t even get me started :) I hope I win this giveaway, it would be the perfect Christmas present to myself hehe :) Thank you Botkier and of course, Carolina! <3

  116. Hi! I love your website and I think your beautiful! But anyway as for the bag, I think its amazing also and as much as I myself would want to keep the bag, I would give it to my mother for Christmas. Because its been an extremely hard year for my family (especially financially) and my mom has never owned a designer bag. She has always wanted one and has been saving up for years now but something always gets in the way like surgery for my sister, or this year, it was my education so she could send me to a private school and I feel terrible. I would love to get a job and earn the money to buy her a bag but I don’t want to put my grades on the line when she is already paying for my education so I am putting my faith and lots of luck in winning this bag for her! It would be the best Christmas miracle ever for her and me! My name is Connie and my email is! Thank you so much and happy holidays to you.

  117. Thank You Carolina for this amazing opportunity to win this super chic bag!
    Facebook – done!
    Twitter – done!
    I think every proud fashionista need to have so super chic bag.
    Why me? I just wish to have so beautiful bag, because living in Ireland one of the smallest towns is already one reason just to wish for this piece of fashion art. This year was hard enough- from not succeeded job finding to all country economic crisis with cutting every benefits and raising tax. It means that this Christmas I couldn’t be with my family and I don’t know when everything will start to look lighter. But I’m not giving up, so this year I created my blog, because I love fashion and maybe this is how I can dream about beautiful fashion world and be one step closer to it and one step farther from everything sad whats happening in my life. This bag would be amazing gift for me this Christmas and I would be the proudest this bag owner. I would be so greatful.
    This was my confession.

    xo Ra

  118. I should win this bag beacause I don’t have a lot, I love the brown color. And I need to refresh my style w/ a new bag And everygirl should be have a beautiful bag in their wardrobe :)!

    Twitter : lanskyr


  119. I should get a Botkier for christmas because I slave hard in the lab to find the cure for cancer and it’s my turn to get taken care of!

  120. i should win this bag because my soul belongs in the 1970’s…and it is just ohh so gorgeous!

  121. I should win for many reasons…to mention a few:
    I just lost my job, my cars in the shop, my boyfriend left me for Spain, my girlfriends left me for the bay area, I cant afford food or designer goods, and the cherry on top: I HAVE SHINGLES

    I’m in bed feeling bluer than gonzo….BUT just looking at this bag gives me reason to LIVE.

    fingers crossed

  122. because I like this bag so much.the style, the leather, the color, what’s not to like? I could imagine my self rocking any outfits with this bag!

  123. I would like this bag because…this bag has an effortless chic and elegance to it. It carries all of the qualities a good bag should have. It seems somewhat cruel that only one person will be rewarded the pleasure of having this bag, and yet several hundreds of people will ask for it. I would like this bag.

  124. I would LOVE this bag! I totally need it because it would help me tote around all of my sewing stuff back and forth to class all day that way I can look hip while I’m working!

  125. Hi, I’m Itssa Bandicoot and I have star a fashion blog and it is actually in spanish because I’m Mexican and I live near the frontier with Arizona what make me get many influence from the American fashion world and here I mix both and create something unique and I think is great. I actually create my blog in spanish to help people who speak spanish and no speak english because for they can find a place that give them that mix of cultures of fashion and become part of the fashion world.
    All the people around here are mostly americans and others nationalities but when have you see a mexican doing this? Im not complaining for that I actually love it be I think one of the first ones. The reason why I should wins this amazing bag is cause first I think the bag is gorgeous nad it would be really nice actually win sometime jaja and it would be awesome that people around the world could see that we can make also fashion and be part of it, is a long way but someone has to do it x)and this could be the star of people taking serious what i do. thanks no matter what you decide..

    Itssa Bandicoot

  126. Carolina!! This is great!!

    I should win this bag simply because it will know the world with me!!
    I’ll take it with me everywhere I go!

    Plus: I promise to send a picture!!


    I’m Stephanie Valle K!!!

  127. The bag is gorgeous, I love botkier and I’ve never won anything before, so I think this would be a great start :)

  128. I love this bag. I never win a thing– but I feel it in my bones…this fabulous bag and giveaway is meant for me! That bag was made for my shoulder.

    Botkier– your are genius!
    Fashionsquad–I love your blog…it is a daily read and this giveaway is perfect!

    (Cross Fingers)



  129. I love Botkier! So chic and the perfect everyday bags that can be worn day or night with any outfit!

  130. Hi I’m Wendy and I think I should win because I’ve never won anything in my life and today I just lost another competition I worked really hard for. I would be so stoked if I actually did win this!!

  131. This bag is a dream! I should win this bag because I am a dedicated reader who deserves to win something just once :)
    Thank you for the giveaway! x

  132. i would love to have this bag becaause it fits me – i am always the girl standing outsided with the oversized bag digging for her keys, smokes, lip gloss or lighter… it is the bag where everything can travel with you, but you havent a clue where exactly which pocket it is in. besides, if it was a Botkier that i was shifting through for a half an hour just to reapply my red lip it would look even more fab.

  133. I would love this bag because it’s very simple but at the same time the bohemian style makes it very fashionable.

  134. Done and done. Liked & followed.

    This bag is an absolute beauty. I’m starting a project called The Witch Doctor and it is just going to be a real dream. I’ve been traveling all around and sifting through second hand shops and collecting great pieces for the upcoming opening of the Witch Doctor Boutique. What would be a better bag to have on hand to travel with? From a gypsy to an inner hippie, you’ve got to pick me. It could be so great.

    xo, Danielle

  135. Hi. My name is Mia, and one day I hope to be as amazing of a style blogger as you! You are my idol! I can’t afford very many nice things, so this bag would truly mean the world to me!

  136. I would love to win this bag, not only because my own bag of four years nonstop usage is on it’s last strap (literally, I just can’t afford to replace it with something of similar leather stature to hold up for another four years), but because I would wear this bag as it were a precious stone. The supple leather makes me mad to tote it from class to class and I can’t help but obsess over the idea of having a bag to carry my life in while making a bicycle trip to work-it’s the perfect size for my short jaunts down the street from the university. For a girl who carries her day’s life in her bag, a suitable vessel is necessary, and to win this bag would set me up for the next few years!
    Take care Carolina!
    Bisous, Abby

  137. I’m insanely in love with Botkier’s boho line, but (to be honest) I’ll never be able to afford it with my kind of allowance. Plus, my tattered bags need to head out to bag heaven or at least a bag retirement home. So, I’d absolutely go gaga if you pick me. So, yeah. There ;)

  138. I really really really really really need this bag. First of all, I don’t own many beautiful bags. I really need a pretty bag to complete a look. My current bags are so lame compared to this one. Really, I could use it:) It wouldn’t go to waste with me:)

  139. The Requirements: liked & followed.

    The Reason: I recently started fashion blogging (almost five months ago, now), and I am having great fun with it. I would love to own this bag because bags really are my weakness. Unfortunately, I am a poor design student and can only dream of owning things as expensive/quality as this hobo. Right now my fashion life is about faux fur and polyurethane. If this comes to me, I will treasure it.

    Contact: Chloe S. at


  140. Winning the bag would do the following:
    1. Add a chocolate bag, that my entire life has been waiting for.
    2. Give my current home-made bag a huge break.
    3. Sooth that craving for Botkier!!!
    4. Carry my Vogue a sweet nest to sleep in! (look at that example)
    5. Make you stalk 1000x more:)

    Not to be creepy… pick me pick me!

  141. I just posted a picture of this bag! That pebbled leather, the color! I LOVE IT! please pick meeeeeeee!

  142. As a poor fashion student currently working/studying/interning my butt off for no money, i have yet to get my pretty paws on my own Botkier bag! This would definitely be the envy of all my friends, stand the test of time and make me feel a million bucks struttin down the street with!
    …this would be the best Chrissy present ever!!
    love, J xx

  143. The bag is simply amazing, I love it.
    It’s perfect with everything and I’m in love with the color brown in this period, so it’ll be beautiful if I could win it! Oh, I hope to win (also because I’ve never won something in giveaways..I’m not so lucky :( )!!

    Fingers crossed!!

  144. Hi, I adore that bag!!!! And want it, want it, want it:) Would be so perfect for everything imaginable and already thinking of all the outfits to go with it. Still at the moment unfortunately out of my price range but maybe Christmas will come early for me this year :)

    Love, Noora

  145. Great!!!
    This bag is big like my mind: full of ideas, things, dreams… :)
    I hope to win!

  146. THAT bag is absolutely stunning!
    And beyond that MY bag is completely falling apart!
    I neeed it!!!

  147. Because I wanna give it to my mother, who’s my biggest and most important inspiration. We’ve just lost our brother and son and she saves me every single day. Even though I know a bag isn’t the most important thing in the world, I also know that she would be very very happy – and that’s what’s important to me. And beside that, she’s craaaaazy in beautiful bags and this bag is perfect in itself and for every occasion.

  148. I’m always looking for a bag that are lightweight, chic, yet practical. The brown leather is aboslutely luscious and the double handles seem like it’s super easy to carry around.

    Perfect Splendor.

    Thank you!
    Best regards,

  149. LOVE! What a perfect hobo. I like, follow & will retweet from @poppysiddal. And of course I should win because it will be my first Botkier & make a beautiful bday present (Sun). I’ve spent the past year recovering from surgery (ovarian tumor) & haven’t been able to treat myself to something special in quite some time. Thanks for listening! I can’t wait to see who wins!

  150. I have my moms old bag, it’s probably the best bag ever and I have worn it for several years know. I don’t want to throw it away but the truth is that I have to, it’s very broken. This bag at least is an amazing bag and I know that I would be happy with this bag, feel comfortable with it. And even if it is very hard for me to leave my old bag I will do it because of this bag.

    Glad första (snart andra) advent!
    – Hanne Enoksson

  151. I have two little boys and I just neeeeed this bag to be the coolest mommy in the world! Where else could I put diapers and cookies and toys than in the worldbestfabulous bag? Likey very much!

  152. It’s such a lovely bag and look at the leather :-D!
    I should win because I really like bags, and when I say REALLY I mean it ;-). It’s like an obsession.
    And brown is one of my favourite colours sooo I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  153. I need to win this bag because I’m obsessed with bags but sadly don’t have the money to buy them. I content myself with cute, cheap bags but that doesn’t quite cut it. I need something as beautiful as this one with that luscious chocolate brown leather!

  154. Hi!

    Why I should win the bag?
    Because I’m an interested Norwegian reader
    who thinks the bag is fab!
    I want it to be the leader
    of my outfit every day :D

    Haha, not the best poem, but….

    Name: Ingrid Beisland

  155. Hi! or should I say Hej! Im going to try to keep this short. Why me: Actually thats a good question! Frankly kind of mindthinking, im not that good at describing things or explaing but im going to give it a sh0t! I must first say that I adore Fashion, and love everything with it. How you can reveal and express yourself as a person, how you can tell what kind of person you are. The thing is, there is no limit. Only Opinions! I love to dress up. Every day I try clothes, mix my style and try to achive new looks. Ive heard im a special girl, with my own style. Sometimes mix different styles, I get inspo from everywhere!
    If I actually won this Botkier as a gift, WoW! Ive already know what to wear with it! Ex. Black or Marin Blue denim Jeans, A white shirt, Rayban glasses, Dr Martens Or some Edgy heels. Mabye A dress with Flower prints anda leather jacket! Anyways, I would Love to have this dress! Usually I dont use any bags or botkiers, I can’t find any I like. But when I saw this Botkier, I new that’s the one bag I want, And I will Use it well, keep it forever. My pockets doesn’t need any holes or mis coloring pocket pants, no worries of where I would put the schoolbooks, and stop using plastic bags if I need something big to cary.
    Ok frankly I have one bag, and its a Gymbag, but I dont lke it very mutch, the logan on the bag destroies the outfit. And I would Really love to have a Botkier just like that one! Well, mabye this one isn’t short ánd I know You have severalls left to read so Bye and keep up with the Blog! Later Carolina!

  156. I have to win,because I got style down my toes and the only thing missing-the Botkier Beck Hobo!!!Thank you for the opportunity!!

  157. I should win because I never won anything in my life!!!
    So I’ll keep my fingers crossed and I hope to be the luckiest girl for once!

    BTW, love your blog and your style!

    Hugs from Italy ;)


  158. hi Carolina :) i adore your style and blog and would like to win this bag because it would be the first designer bag i would own (as well as the brand not being available in hong kong) and i would use it all the time and for school as well, also for creating pretty looks on lookbook and for my blog! :) also, i’ve never won any of these giveaways before so i wanted to give it a try :)
    please pick me! it would mean the world :)

  159. wow!!!
    em…well.i think i should win this bag because
    -i ve never won anything before
    -this bag is BEAUTIFUL
    -i ll always wanted a bag like this one,so chic,elegant and classic
    -i live in greece(a place where everything does NOT exist
    -because my english are not very good:D
    -because i read vogue (paris,usa nad british) even though my english are not too good!!
    thank u for this wonderful oportunity!!
    btw…U ROCK!!i loove ur blog!!:D:D
    thnk u :D

  160. Ok, I’ve liked and followed!
    The reason is just as simple as obvious: for a girl there’s no such a thing like ‘too many bags’! :) And this one is totally gorgeous, I love the leather, the shape, the colour, everything.

    Laura (


  161. hello!!i m vasiliki stavropoulou(they call me viki).
    em…well,i think i should win this bag because
    -i have never ever won anything before!
    -i love fashion and i try to make people see that
    -i live in greece where we have absolutely NOTHING!!!
    -this bag is BEAUTIFUL!!
    -i ll always wanted something so chic,elegant and classy
    -my english are not good(and i am sorry for that)
    -and i read unstoppably VOGUE(paris,new york,british,etc)even though my english are not too good!!:D:D
    thank u for this wonderful oportunity!!
    and btw U….ROCK!!i loove your blog and your posts!!!
    thank u!!:D:D

  162. I hope I win because ….. never win!
    The bag is wonderful because it is quality and I like everyone to know that some designers.
    Fingers crossed.

  163. Oh my god ! I would seriously drop dead if I won this challange, or wait, I most certainly would not. I would go around the big city of Gothenburg and show of my perfect, wonderful, Botkier bag. And everyone else would drop dead of jealousy. I really really really need a new bag! And come on, woulndt it be fun to send it to Sweden?? :D Kisses

  164. Hey Carolina,

    The reason I’d LOVE to win this amazing bag from Botkier, is because I’d like to give it to my mom. She needs a new bag and HATES to buy herself anything. And I already have a Botkier bag, so I think she’d LOVE this one. It’s the perfect style and color for her, plus it’s big enough for her to use at work!

    Hopefully she wins!


    Claire (

  165. Hello,

    Gorgeous blog! I think I deserve the bag because I am seriously embracing this 70s trend and this bag would go perfectly with my floral, floaty, wide-legged trousers.

    Carol (@CazSchuh on twitter)

  166. Carolina!
    This is one of the most beutiful bags ever!!

    I´m 6 months pregnant and starting to grow out of all my clothes.. I love to dress up but sometimes my baby-belly is in the way.. So this bag would be perfect for me so that I can look amazing everyday even when I out of “dressupmummyinspiration”.

    Ps. Keep on the good job!

    Fred ut,

  167. My luggage got lost in LAX while in transit :( all my fav bags are gone and i’ve been depressed. Please pick me and my christmas will be perfect if i win the bag :D xx

  168. I should win this bag because it is stunning and timeless and I love it!!! Also I have NEVER won anything before and this would be the perfect first win!

    Lots of love,

    Naomi Busuttil x

  169. This bag is just STUNNING! I absolutely love it, and it would look awesome with my light grey whoolen jacket! I love the colour of the leather, and the size and shoulder strap looks really great. And i’m not getting anything but ski equipement(that’s got NOTHING with fashion to do, kill me!) for christmas, so this would be perfect!
    I really hope i get this bag, it would mean the world to me!


  170. Carolina, I love your style and I love this bag.
    The reason I think I deserve it is this: I stand for the young girls who dream over vogue magazine and could never afford anything in it. A bag of this quality and beauty would simply be a wish to own, and I would treasure it forever!

    Maria x

  171. XX (these are my crossed fingers)

    Hope, hope, hoping the bag will find it’s way to the good home I can provide for it. Your taste is phenomenal Carolina.

  172. Hi Carolina!

    I would love to win this bag because not only do i need a gorgeous brown bag but they don’t have anything like this here in Singapore!

    I really love your blog too, Thanksssss! (:

    Cassandra (:

  173. Fantastic bag, I love the texture and the chocolate color. It’s going to go perfect with my laid back style but could still holds all I need to carry!

    Love from Chloe

  174. what a beautiful bag !
    all my bags are black, it would be nice with another colour, and brown would be perfect! and it would be lovely to have such a nice bag like the botkier!

    xo Jennifer

  175. The Bag is Adorable.
    And Very Beautiful.
    I don’t want The Bag For me but For My Sister..She will be Suprised.

    And I Hope To Win The Bag because the bag is so AMazing i love the bag.


  176. I should win because I have craved this bag ever since I saw it for the first time at your blog. The textured smooth leather is just perfect! And not to mention the gorgeous brown color combined with the gold hardware, ahh. Beck & I will definitely be happy together=D

  177. Dear Fashion Squad I need this bag to make my life complete,
    The gold hardware and hobo slouch is really very neat.
    I love the leather, thick and soft with long black strap to boot,
    This Botkier on my left arm would seriously be cute.
    So please choose me a girl who lives for fashion like a slave,
    I wake up in the morning, working just to scrimp and save,
    For bags like this that make me kiss the ground on which they lie,
    I have to tell you here and now the ‘Beck’ will make me sigh!

    Pick me :) thanks for the opportunity!!!

  178. Well, this bag is simply amazing! The leather, the shape and the color are very beautiful! Then, you know, a bag will not be detrimental to a woman ever! :D

    Peace, G.

  179. I would like this bag cause I would treat it like it was my own baby! This gorgeous bag is more than a bag, for me it’s like a piece of art and I would very much share my weekday with it.

  180. I love bags!! I need bags for my ever-so-much essential stufff every single dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
    From make ups to extra clothing, clothing to books! So many things I need to doll up myself every time!
    & of cos Bokier Beck Hobo is one of the best choice for all my stuffs! =D

    XOXO from Singapore!

    Last but not least! Thank you so much FASHIONSQUAD for giving everyone a chance to win this awesome gift!

  181. First of all I want to say that the bag is amazing! I simply love it! I’ve always wanted a bag looking that good.
    I feel that the only thing I can dress up with are bags, clothes, jewelry etc. And it would be awesome if I won the bag!
    I really hope I win!

    I know this is not a good reason, but I’ll try anyway! :-D

  182. I really need one beautiful bag to put my wallet and my baby stuff, b/c even mom’s need to be stylish, right?

  183. I need this bag because it would complement the awesome brown boots I’m contemplating…

  184. This bag is absolutely AMAZING!
    I need it to bring my notebook and have the chance to draw whenever and wherever my inspiration comes! And oh, please, I have been a good girl this year!
    Thanks Fashion Squad and Botkier!

  185. PERFECTION! beautiful leather and very stylish…love at first sight! I just adore it!

  186. WOW! I am speechless…Botkier? You are too kind! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful giveaway :). I think that I should win this lovely hand bag because I don’t own a designer bag and this would be a lovely early Christmas present. I swear, I have been a very good girl.

  187. I try to dress nicely but at this time I just couldn’t afford pieces like this. So it will be awesome if I won.
    Thanks for the giveaway!


  188. Hey beautiful! this bag is nothing but perfect <3 <3 <3 we are simply like a match made in heaven :D

    oh my god let me win :)

  189. Ohmygodddd
    i dont think anyone understands how much i want this bag.
    to give you a hint: A LOT.
    ohgod i havvvvvve too win :D
    *fingers crosseddd*


  190. ooooops i forgot to put in my email and whyyyy and all that jazz :\
    I NEED TO WIN THIS BAG. I DONT EVEN OWN ANY NICE BAGS. i literally own like 3 bags.
    story of my sad life.
    i’ve thought of so many outfits to wear with thissss ohmygod it woulld be my first BOTKIER BAG :D
    *mind explosion*


  191. The bag is simply amazing! The colour is perfect and… i’m speecheless! I’d be the happisest girl in the world if I won. It’s amazing!

  192. I could do like everyone else here and give the bag 1 million compliments, but that would be to state the obvious. I could also make up a very sad story but that would not make me a proud owner of the bag. The thing is that, I’ve never worked so hard with myself as I’ve worked during this year. And as it is almost coming to an end, I can only look back and be thankful for the changes that was brought into my life, and for my willing to accept them. I simply want to celebrate myself with this bag. I think that everyone of us out there should start by treating ourselves a little better, loving ourselves and being good to ourselves. For what makes us think that someone will do it for us?

    Thank you for an inspiring blog.

  193. I should win the bag because Im a totally addicted of both Fashion Squad and Botkier, and it has the perfectly size and shape to take it like a school bag, so I would wear it everyday!

    Marta Ubeda

  194. This bag is ABSOLUEMENT FABULEUX. And since I can’t find it anywhere in Switzerland and would LOVE to match its perfect chocolate color and leather with my lately camel/nude obsession and brand new persols. would totally look belle :)

    Sanja McKenzie Ilic

  195. I’m spending christmas eve on a train to Oslo, to spend the few hours that’s going to be left of it with my family, who will leave me a few days before, and my sick grandmother, because I have to work. Yeah, I need some cheering up, and the bag would do just that. :)

  196. Hei,

    vesken er fantastisk. Og jeg syns jeg fortjer å vinne den fordi jeg har lett etter en perfekt veske i mange år, og dette er absolutt en klar vinner, men jeg har vert arbeidsløs i 6 måneder nå og har ingen penger til å kjøpe vesken. Det ville derfor vert utrolig hvis jeg hadde vunnet vesken, det ville reddet året mitt.


  197. I think I should win because the trip I have been planning to Paris for six months just went out of the door financially. I need something to cheer me up!

    I have been reading your blog for a long time and it’s one of my favorites! Could you visit mine in return?

    juliet xxx

  198. I just wanted to say that without exaggeration fashion and blogs like this have completely changed my life.I was a trained classical singer until 2 years ago when I started loosing my hearing and with it I basically lost my ability to sing at only 19.It felt like my beginning had already ended.Having always been an arty person I now studying photography and refuse to let my loss of hearing effect my life any more than it has done. I can honestly say that it is photography,blogging and being entirely obsessed by fashion and art -all of course things that i don’t need my ears for- that keeps me motivated and inspired.This bag is absolutely beautiful and winning it would be a fantastic ending to my year!xxx(This,I promise is not a call for sympathy)

  199. I love that bag! It’s very unique, and it’s the 70’s!! I really want a hobo bag and it’s just beautiful, :)
    It might be summer here at Sydney for Christmas, but I’m going to Hong Kong soon and it’ll be perfect there! I’ll layer up in warm clothing, and this bag will be on top of my shoulder. :D

  200. I would love to win that bag! And i really need it to. I have thougt about buying a new bag, because mine is so worn, hope I dont have to if I actually can win this. It looks so lovely! And it would really be the best christmas gift!! :)

  201. Anledningen till att jag vill vinna den här groteskt snygga väskan är för att jag sparar varenda krona inför min tre veckors långa resa till Paris i vår där jag ska praoa på en modellagentur! Jag ser sååå mycket fram emot resan, men jag tycker samtidigt att det är så trist att jag inte kan shoppa en massa snygga kläder inför resan. Men den här snygga väskan skulle helt klart gottgöra det!

    Amelie Johnsson

  202. Of course I think I should win the bag, I’m obviously not going to hope someone else wins that beauty! (No offense anyone else.)

    But YOU should think I should win the bag because you know I’m a huge fan of your style and this is possibly the only way I will ever own something nearly as cool as the stuff you do.

  203. I would like to win this bag because it looks perfectly pebbly and slouchy. When I get this new bag I would like to stick my head it in and smell the beautiful leather, which sounds weird but it’s actually pretty awesome. Thx and happy holidays!

  204. I was always searching for a perfect bag, which I can use every day without getting bored with it – I think I finally found it. This bag is so beautiful and I absolutly love it.
    I feel like I really NEED to have it :)

  205. I think that I should win the bag because I’ve got sooo many outfits that would look AMAZING with a brown bag just like this one. It’s very me because it doesn’t have a to many straps or pockets etc. It’s not to much, it’s just stunning! :D

  206. Jag önskar mig väskan för att jag inte har råd att köpa den, jag erkänner, så enkelt är det. I mina vildaste drömmar äger jag något som har en fantastisk kvalité.
    Drömmer mig bort bland alla möjliga onlineshoppar & hoppas på att en dag kunna ha råd.

  207. I follow on Twitter (cocktailchic)
    I liked on facebook (Ashley Tschudin)

    As for why I deserve to win the handbag… I don’t deserve it any more than all the other entries but I will say I WANT no.. I NEED it

    Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  208. I have been looking for a cute bag for 6 months now,
    and this is perfect!

    I hope that angels are with me on this one, I usually never win anything but you can always hope!

    Love from Sweden!

  209. I would loooove to win it because gifts are so special when they are unexpected!!

    Keep on with your amazing blog!

    aryary91 8at) hotmail (dot) it
    on fb: Arianna Viaggi
    on twitter: ariannaviaggi

  210. oh! I have been a very good girl this year!!! really really really good! Would you get me this super cool bag fashionsquad-santa???

  211. hejsan !

    jag älskar mode, och min stora passion i livet är historian i allt och alla, jag ser verkligen en historia om hur denna väskan blev designad och hur mycket tanke och kärlek det är bakom den, och jag ser också historian som ligger framför den, hur det kommer vara använd (ofta ofc!) och hur den kommer göra många dagar bättre, och få ännu mer historia att berätta,

    jag vill ge väskan en bra historia att berätta,

    många kramar Sandra :)

    Din blogg ÄGER ! ;)
    hello !

    I love fashion, and my passion in life is the story of everyone and everything, I am really a story about how this bag was designed and how much thought and love that is behind it, and I also see the history that lies in front of it, how it will be used (often ofc!) and how it will make many more days, and get even more story to tell,

    I want to give the bag a good story to tell,

    many hugs Sandra :)

  212. I would like to win the bag because the bag is absolutely fabulous and Botkier is a brand that isn’t possible to get it in Finland (we’re I live) and I wouldn’t be able to afford it..

  213. I should win because its my birthday on December 5!! and I REALLY need a new bag, I was discussing my bag drought just today x

  214. When everything around you is dark, grey and cold and you just can’t find motivation for anything well then a new botkier bag just might be the answer :)

    Emelie B.

  215. I’ve never owned a good quality bag before and it would be nice to have a reliable stable in my wardrobe. I’m still learning what looks good on me and what doesn’t. Having a designer item could make accessorizing a lot easier.


  216. WOW! This bag is awesome! The moment I saw it on your blog a few days ago I said to myself I just had to have it.
    For me this is pretty much the perfect bag because it works well with every outfit and it has an edge (in it’s texture and shape) that makes it special and could really take an entire look to the next level. I think this bag really matches my style and is an item would love for many years. I’ve been looking for the perfect bag for a long time and finding it on your blog with a chance to win it really made my day! Hope I win!

    Lee Alper

  217. I am very picky when it comes to bags (I own exactly one bag (a brown leather satchel which I LOVE, but unfortunately cannot wear with everything)), but this one is pretty great. It would fit right into my wardrobe(as my style is quite influenced by the 70s), but it is – of course – way out of my budget. Now, I’m not saying I have an extremely tight budget or anything, I just can’t afford to spend 545$ on a bag, no matter how chic it is, so winning this giveaway would be brilliant. Of course, you can count on there being a bunch of people who deserve this bag just as much as me, but then again, I think I deserve it just as much as anyone.


  218. Hey my name is Ilona. Here’s my email:

    i want to win this because i am ABSOLUTELY in love with it!!!! ive wanted a leather hobo like this since i can remember.. couldnt find the perfect one until i saw THIS!! ITS GORGEOUS! WANT! xx

  219. hi Carolina
    Why should I win this bag? There are many reaseons! First of all I’m in love with your style and if the botkier giveaway is on your blog it means you like it too. So i can make a simple statement: if carolina engman likes something – it means i like it too. Second of all I’m from Poland and trust me there aren’t many stores when you can buy such a beautiful, boho and stylish bag. The third reason is that I probably couldn’t afford a bag such as that one. My fourth reason is that it would go well with almost everything in my closet! Another reason is that it fits an issue of Vogue almost perfectly! I could talk on and on how perfect it is for me. Oh, and almost forgot: as i told you before i’m from poland and i’m not sure if botkier is shipping to such a country, hehe!

  220. hey! im claudia from beetle bug
    i think i should win the bag because its awesome. and i love it. and it would go with everything i own. and ive been wanting one forever. and its pretty. and i could go on. but i dont want to because this will get annoying :D.
    i should win it because its super pretty.

  221. I should win this bag because I’m from Turkey and we DON’T have this brand here!!! So there is no way for me to buy it from a store or online (since the shipping price is extremely expensive. Do they even send stuff to Turkey?). Also, it’s very ME! It represents my style and I’d rock it!!!!!! :)


  222. Hi! I should win because I work in the fashion industry and I own exactly ONE handbag. True story. Open up my closet and you will see only one bag. I definitely need to add to my collection and this bag would be a perfect start!! :)

  223. i love fashion and this bag is amazing. i love fashion because it allows people to express their emotions, personality and originality. with this bag it would express my HAPPINESS. so yeah it would be awesome if i won the bag :)i hope i win.

  224. Amalie

    well, i think i should win this bag becauuuse… for one its a beauuuty!! i’ve had my eyes on it and it goes with alot. aaand i don’t have a bag like this one, and i never win these things. hehe.
    pick me!


  225. i think i should win this bag because, first off, it is completely gorgeous! i have never in my 19 years of living have owned a bag of that quality. owning this bag would be a great accessories to any outfit and looks like it can hold a lot, especially since im a student! and yeah haha, lastly i dont usually win these types of things so it would be a nice change :3

  226. Ooh that bag is so perfect! I should win it because I’ve been looking for a basic leather bag that matches everything for soo long! and it looks so soft!
    I love your blog. Thanks for the giveaway!


    paulamonteagudo at hotmail dot com

  227. Britty

    ths bag is soo exicted/beautiful/amazing/cool. (yes all those words) I’m so a baglady… i think bags complete the an outfit and bring life to whatever your wearing and If i have that bag in my life and wardrobe it will complete! Oh I’m just love the black exotic leather,simple elegant and classy look, great day to day bag! I dont own a Bokier but if i did i think it might be something like that bag up there.

  228. I actually want to win this for my friend because
    1) she’s wants this bag realllllllly badly!
    2) we’re college students…where is she going to get that kind of money for an amazing bag like that?
    3) that bag is her in bag form (hope that makes sense)!
    4) she’s stuck with me through a lot, and she doesn’t have to, i know she deserves this bag!!!!

  229. Amazing blog, excellent taste of fashion Carolina!! Well, I’m Pella, my e-mail is: and I’d Love to win this amazing 70’s bag because it would be great to have the opportunity to enrich my bag collection despite the whole crisis thing that doesn’t allow me the pleasure of my hobby lately….:( (my mom would also be very pleased watching me holding something that reminds her youth ;) ) I also have never win something before so I would be so excited if I could now…pick meee!! thaaanks!!

  230. hey carolina! beautiful bag. absolutely stunning in silhouette, color, overall just perfect! i should win this bag because i desperately need a new school bag and this bag would fit everything i need right in it–my calculator, literature novels, stationary!

    liked on fb, of course :) and followed them on twitter.

    thanks for the lovely chance!


  231. I would love a new purse! I don’t have any ones over $20 so this would by far be the nicest. I borrow from my mom and I think she’s getting annoyed..haha Im a friend on FB and twitter. thanks for the opportunity!!

  232. This Botkier bag is a devine respresentation of when awesome design equals extreme wearability. I can definitely picture this bag accompanying me on many fashion adventures, especially since I am starting university next year, it will increase my likeability ten fold, for sure!

    I have my fingera and toes crossed!

    From down under
    xx E



  233. I would love this because simply, you can never have enough bags, and this one is perfection. The leather looks so soft and is such a rare colour which is definitely a big bonus, the design is so simple yet so chic. Good work Botkier for designing this amazing bag! Thanks for your blog fashionsquad I love getting a daily dose of fashion from your blog :)
    Also if i got this it would be the best birthday present ever (my birthday is the 6th which is the end date for this giveaway!)
    thanks for the opportunity!

    email is

  234. A fellow girl in NY needs a new bag when her old, cheap one is dead. This one looks so beautiful!

  235. did it wrong:(
    With this bag, I could go onto the sidewalks a proud student. Don’t have enough money for a new bag. Happy Christmas to me!

  236. I would love to whim this bag so that I could give it to my sister for Christmas. She’s pretty much like my mother and I don’t know what I’d do without her. I haven’t gotten the chance to really pay her back for all she’s done for me and this would be the ultimate perfect thing + Im pretty sure I’d be the coolest little sister ever and shed love me for life :)


  237. I’d like to win the bag because:

    1) It’s amazing!
    2) I’ve been using the same vintage bag for the past 2 years (I know it’s a crime!) and I feel that it’s now reached the end of it’s precious life. I’m in desperate need for a new one and this would be more than perfect.

  238. This bag is a must in my collection!! I need something to switch up with my Balenciaga! (:

  239. Hey, I’m Leila,

    I’m always looking for a huge bag that can lug all my stuff around in it and as i’m just about to graduate and join the workforce i’d love a new bag for work. my email address is:

  240. This bag is my bag soul mate and we are suffering every day that we are apart. Please help!

  241. My name is Lauren ♥
    and here is my email:
    And I would love to be considered for winning this BEAUTIFUL bag!! I have been on the hunt for a new purse for over a year… and have just not found an “IT” bag.. mostly because I’m a college student on a tight budget, with a dog who tends to have higher medical bills than me lol If I were to win this bag I would rock-it EVERYDAY, accompanied with THE BIGGEST SMILE! That color is gorgeous, and the perfect size to carry my life in. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  242. I should win because this will be my only material gift this year- all the rest are going to the smiles catalogue to buy goats and wells and other fun things

    Elisa Travaglione

  243. hello!
    alessandra hearts fashionsquad.and so i do with THIS GORGEOUS BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this fashion designer needs to put all her daily working stuff, papers,sketches and so on in this bag! this is the truth! ;)

    finger crossed


  244. Gud vad vacker väskan är!! Skulle vara en dröm att vinna den..
    Jag förtjänar att vinna den för att jag älskar kläder och märkes väskor men skulle aldrig ha råd att köpa en.
    Dels att jag sak fira Jul själv i Stockholm för att jag inte får ledigt så vad vore bättre att pigga upp en att få en väska. En flickas dröm! Btw underbar blogg.. Inspiration till 1000!


  245. I’d love to win this bag, because I’m a student from Munich who can’t afford such a great bag myself!
    Always wanted to own such a great piece only ONCE, but unfortunately I can’t buy such a nice bag :)

  246. I LOVE this bag! I would never be able to afford this kind of thing myself so it would be so amazing to actually win it..

  247. I should win this bag because I’m a hard-working first-year university student struggling with my FIRST set of exams right before Christmas! I’m completely stressing out, and I would love this bag because it would be a nice present for myself. It would finally show all my hard work and studying has been paying off.
    I really really hope I win! This bag is adorable!
    And if not… Congrats to whoever does win! :) :)

  248. I would like to win this amazing bag because this X-mas I’m going to meet my boyfriend’s family I have to impress them. Above all I must be great to make a good first impression on my future mother-in-law.And I think with that bag in my hand I can do it.

  249. The reason why I should win this incredible bag is simple, the only bag I have is a travel bag and a clutch. I really need a bag like that so i can look chic everyday and stop using totes as bags..
    I am crossing my fingers for this darling to be mine.

    Stine Kock Hollænder

  250. Everybody would love to win and have a reson. I would love to win too, but it’s one og a milion chance that I would win. Why I want to be the one to win???
    That’s hard to tell. Let me see…
    Today is my birthday and I’m turn 17’teen. Wiiiii for me!
    I’m not a tipical girl who buy something expensive brand. I have been worked seen I was 14’teen and I always borrow my sisters bags. Yesterday I was running because I was out at the cold for tow and a half hours and it’s was freezing, I couldn’t feel my feet or my hand and my nose was frosent!
    Well I live in Norway, no wonder. But when I was running my bag snap!
    And now my bag is brokend. It’s was my favorite bag :(

    So I really hope that I can win. Let’s hope for the best ^^
    And I’m a really fan of yours :)

    Cya ^^

  251. i’d love to win this bag ’cause this bag is really fantastic. It’s an unique piece,one of the bags that must stay in my wardrobe: D

  252. wow i loved this bag from the first sight! its just so adorable and it would really match my cape, which im just making right now!!! i think i would be the happiest reader you ever had , if i had the chance to win this bag!!

  253. Dear Carolina, this bag would perfectly fit in my wardrobe this winter, specially when I didnt had time for shopping cause i’m finishing my fashion marketing & communication course of 3 years so to add this bag would give my wardrobe that touch that I dont have time for buying ;)

    Love, Kimberley Denise.

  254. This is one downtown accessory I’d be willing to swing from a tree for. A little Beaut.

  255. You’ve got so many comments to read already so I don’t want to bore you for too long! But I guess it does show you how much support you’ve got, no?
    Ah what can I say.. I searched the bag the first time you showed it to us, it is gorgeous but not something I can get right now. I’m away from family for Christmas this year to do with my schooling, but this isn’t a sob story!- being here can be fun at times. The bag would make my Christmas amazing in a strange new place and would sure make my schooling more fun!

    Keep the blog inspirational :)
    Love from London x

  256. Hey!
    I am a huuuge fan of yours and this is one of the nicest giveaways ever.Why I should win it? Since it’s a total classic, I believe everyone should have a piece like this in his wardrobe.

  257. I would love to win this bag!
    This bag needs to be in my life, because it’s gorgeous, it’s beautiful and I would guard it with my life! Believe me, when I get something I really want, it doesn’t leave my sight for months!

  258. Hi Carolina! I actually discovered the Botkier brand thank to your blog and I just felt in love with the Hobo bag and specially the brown one!
    I’m leaving for a trip soon and this bag would be a perfect to take with me! I love your style and with this one 70’s piece I would have the feeling to be styled by you! And I promise if I won I would send a picture of me wearing the bag with a BIG THANK YOU.
    Sara :)

  259. Amazing giveaway, reading the comment of a big Botkier fan!
    Following with twitter [Botkier] and on facebook [Fashion Squad].
    Abigail :

    I think I should win ’cause I’m usually on the Botkier website going through the pages of bags and I’m obsessed and would love to own one, but I don’t have the ca-ching, cash to get one! Winning one would be so amazing and would rock it everywhere and in my outfit posts on my blog.

    Love! Botkier. :)

  260. If you can imagine my Girlfriend doesn’t have a Facebook account!!!!!!! So she makes enter on all this giveaways!!!…
    Please help me !!!.. I have never won anything for her .. She and I would be ever grateful :)))))))))

  261. this bag is so gorgeous, i would love it and admire it and look after it. it would be my favorite thing.
    i love your blog, the life you lead seems wonderful
    thank you
    love, Olivia

  262. Absolutely adorable bag :)
    on dec 6 its my nameday so this bag would be the perfect gift for me:)
    I wish i could have a bag like that and not only stare at them on magazines and stores…
    My heart literally goes crazy when i walk by such an amazing bag.

    Love ur blog, thank u for all the ideas and inspiration u’ve given me :)
    xxx Nicole

  263. dear fashion squad and botkier

    please pick me.
    i want this extremely beautiful and stunning bag.
    if i get picked i want to share it with my mum. as an shared christmas present. she has been cutting down on presents this year. and all other expenses actually. i believe this would make her super happy

    merry christmas to you i will be keeping my fingers crossseddd

    annika e

  264. I love the style! I should win it because I never splurge on anything for my self. I am a student and work as a volunteer providing help for the poor and unfortunate. The job doesn´t pay well, way less then mimum wage so I´m usually buying bags and fashion items at H&M – wich I love, but it would rock to have something special for once :)

  265. I should win the bag, as i am probably 70’s enough to not have twitter… but as mother to a 10 month old in Stockholm it would upgrade any of my outfits just the way i love it, mixing new with old – highlight basics with beautiful details.
    Botkier. A dream!

  266. Do I need it? no. Do I want it? Duh of Course I Do! So I should win this bag because I love it and would most definitely keep it for myself! I would carry it daily with pride and it might even add a little swagger to my strut! I would make this bag and Botkier proud to have me be the winner!!

  267. Heya!

    I would be looove to win this bag, OBViously! I’m a student from Australia on exchange in Paris and desperately need some help in the European style stakes for going to uni everyday in Saint Germain!

    Thanks heaps and fingers X

  268. Hi ! I just looooove the bag! Well, this is why I should win the bag: well first, i need it to my bags collection ;) and secondly, i just love the Botkier collection, the shoes, the bags, everything, but its kind of too expensive for me…owning one would be a dreammmm, omigod!

    kisses from Montréal, Quebec

  269. I love this bag! It’s the kind of bohemian bag I have been looking to match with my leather and furry new coat! Just perfect.

    Why should I have it?? Well, why not?! hahaha :)

    Love your blog! Kisses from Catalonia!

  270. why i want to have this bag? are you kidding me?!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?!?
    ich LOVE Botkier and i’m looking for SO long for one of these bags!
    it would apply perfect to my handbag-collection! :D
    good luck to me! ;P

    love love love


  271. why i want to have this bag? are you kidding me?!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?!?
    ich LOVE Botkier and i’m looking for SO long for one of these bags!
    it would apply perfect to my handbag-collection! :D
    good luck to me! ;P

    love love love


  272. i should win this bag because i will never in 25798746926 million years be able to afford it and it’s high time that i stop sitting in front of my computer daydreaming about owning a piece this nice and actually get one!

  273. I have been searching for quite some time now (1 year +) for the perfect dark leather bag. When I opened this page today…WHAM! There it was. My DREAM BAG! A beautiful bag to add to my Santa Cruz wardrobe!

    He is beautiful, and I promise to give him a good home!

  274. I never do this. But I just saw that bloody bag and we immediately had a little fling going. Argh! Oh well, here goes nothing.

    Everyone needs this bag, first of all it’s fucking awesome, second of all it’s fucking expensive, even though you could see it as an investment. Though, not something I could afford with my shit pay in retail in the capital of poverty, London.

    I don’t need this bag, I want it. I want it properly. It would make my dark and miserable London-life less painful. And when I have soup or noodles for dinner yet again and feel like I’m torturing myself with a life of blandness, I’ll just think “It doesn’t matter I still have my Botkier.” Even though that require I do have the bag.

    Like a cup of perfect black coffee in the tremendous England blizzard. That’s how that precious bag would be for me.


  275. In looove with this bag! I love vintage inspired pieces, especially this one! I should totally win this bag since I’ve never won a giveaway before..ever!


  276. HEYY!

    I absolutely ADOREEEE this bag and im pretty sure the 347
    comments before me have said the same exact thing. But I really and truely thik its beautiful.
    I deserver this bag, because I consider this to be a splurge, and I don’t spend anything over a $100,
    so I think having this bag would be totally crazyy and special. Im totally into the boho-chic look and this has my style written all over it. Even if i don’t win this bag at least I can admire it from my computer screen everyday *sigh*.

    Anxiously waiting,

  277. This bag will be the perfect compliment for my outfits this season—leopard, army green, black—i need it now! And when i have it in my hands, it will go straight to my outfit posts to show it off on my blog! a must!

  278. I should win the bag because I love the bag, it’s simply cute, chic and simple, I never had a bag like that, the bag will be match perfectly with simple outfit because the bag will get everyone attention who see it.
    Hope I can win the bag! *cross finger*

  279. Thanks for the lovely giveaway! I would love love love to win this bag because I am a student and I believe it would be so perfect for carrying my notebooks and my macbook around campus. I haven’t had a Botkier bag yet and the quality of that pebbled leather looks so beautiful I would carry it everywhere and would wear it to shreds :)


  281. i would like to win these prizes for my mom and my sister. The bag will look great on my mom (plus its black/dark brown so, mom will not worry about pen marks ^_^) My sister loves fashion magazines and other fashion stuff. ^_^

  282. Every women loves a fashionable and up-to-the-minute fashion accessory. For me, having this bag means a lot to me. This bag would give me confidence boost and beauty as well. Not only that, leather bags gives women this sort of special air around them. And I want that special thing around me as well.

    Also, this is a good chance for me to update my wardrobe since I haven’t been able to purchase a new set of bags for this year. This will serve as a good start for my next year.

    I simply adore leather bags! <3

  283. I would like to win this bag . . I mean who wouldn’t like to ?? The color is just amazing and how the light hits it, ahahhhh its just perfect! The size the color the everything!!! This bag is just gorgeous from every angle. Who wouldn’t like to flaunt this lovely bag!!!??

  284. I love this bag!!!! It’s perfect for me, big bags are just my thing, so wining it would make my day!!
    Thank you so so so so much for doing this giveaway.


  285. Liked and following. I need this bag as current bag is being held together by a charitable stitch and I fear it’s not long for this world. Unfortunately buying a Botkier bag would mean I didn’t eat for a couple of weeks at the moment, and it’s too cold in Ireland to get skinny! Plus it’d go well with my Jeffrey Campbell shoes that you got me addicted to! ;)

  286. I would love to win those items because those are so very stylish, fabulous and chic (insert gazillion adjectives here) which makes it so perfect for my fashionable and trendy mom (not to mention very hardworking and very loving mom) and my pretty sister. Such a perfect Christmas present or surprise for them :”) I can almost feel and see how happy they will become if they will have those.

    Harry C.

  287. hello botkier and fashion squad i love u both!!
    already bought the ava bag because of carolina shoots!!! its awsome
    now i am want to fall in love again with the new beck hobo!!
    and love

  288. Hihi, it has been a rough year for my mom and her birthday is coming. I’d like to surprise her with this bag. It is so handy and versatile, she’ll be thrilled to see it! We’re like best friends, seeing her happy makes me happy too. Thanks so much!

  289. I hope I win this bag. I want this bag because it totally reflects my style and personality. Plus its texture looks great and the design is so casual yet so stylish.

  290. I’m sooo in love with that bag – keeping all my fingers & toes crossed that I win!

  291. name: siao tsing
    email: siaotsing(at)
    why i should win the bag: my current bag is 4 years old, and is a sorry sight, being held together by superglue and duct tape. it really really wants to retire already, so i hope i win its replacement! :-)

  292. i just love this bag because it doesn’t only give you a unique style , it also help you to show your personality :)


  293. I can’t believe you’re offering this exact bag!! I’ve been trying to decide between a Botkier bag and another one from Whistles for the last few weeks – if I win this one then I can use my money to buy the other one so it’s a double win for me – Christmas come early!

  294. Of course that bag would be perfect in any circumstance, I think it would be perfect in accommodating me in my first trip to Europe this upcoming to month! it is ssoooooooooo gorgeous and the perfect size and the slouchiness is to die for!!! Simply beautiful.

  295. I really really like the look of the bag but it’s unfortunately way out of my budget. First thing I did when i stumbeld across your previous post, was to look how much the bag would be. TOOO much for me though :(
    It would just be a really really nice early christmas present haha :)

    Love the blog since 1 year now xx

  296. I would luv 2 win the Beck hobo bag im..its so nice, goes w/ everything + im crazy abt big bags..this’ll be a great gift for myself this xmas pretty pretty pleaase!

  297. Hi, nice contest!
    I’m following you on Twitter (id:Altrotiroaltror)
    I’m following you on Facebook (id: Eva Bernini)

    MY name’s Eva Bernini.
    My email: evabernini[at]yahoo[dot]it
    I would win the bag because I always need a brand new bag! :D

  298. The bag is androgynous, roomy, well-crafted (thanks Botkier!) and completely functional while still looking great. Who wouldn’t want this as a part of their wardrobe?

    _danny (twitter: mm_modman,

  299. Hi Carolina!
    I’m a student at Yale University, and your blog has been on my “favorites” menu bar for over a year now. Out of all the blogs I’ve seen yours is my absolute favorite. Actually, I love your blog so much that I wanted to create my own fashion blog…but then I realized, I can only aspire to be as fashionable as you.
    I LOVE the handbag. The leather especially looks amazing. Lately, I’ve been using my mum’s handbag, but she’ll probably want it back soon, lol.
    The handbag would be a lovely Christmas present, and perhaps a push in the right direction towards my goal of becoming a fashionista like you! :)
    I’m going home to Hong Kong this Christmas (Can’t wait, although exam period presents a challenge lol)! If you ever travel to that part of the world, let me know! I’d love to meet you!
    Best of luck with everything (and to me , lol, cause I’d really really love to receive the bag :D )
    And Merry Christmas!

  300. I would like to win this bag because I’m a bags maniac=)
    I’m in love with this bag!!!

  301. My name is Simone, and my email adress is:
    I should win this bag, because it’s absolutely adorable and classic. I would take good care of it and wear it regulularly. It has the perfect size and can room everything i need for school, or a day in town. I see myself wearing this bag next week, as well as 20 years from now.

    Thanks for a great blog Caroline!
    love, S

  302. Hi Carolina!

    I live in a pretty small university town in Ontario, Canada where wearing heels during the day is a definite no-no, the latest trends are met with critical eyes, and the classic UGG boot is still considered fashionable. As a style obsessed minority, expressing my creativity, in other words, being myself is slightly terrifying. But I try as hard as I can every day not to let this conservative atmosphere prevent me from taking fashion risks and from showcasing my creativity. And adding such a chic bag to my closet would help me continue to live by this Jacqueline Bisset quote, “Have fun. Don’t be frightened of clothes; just DOMINATE them!”

    Thanks so much for being my daily inspiration and for offering this bag!

  303. Hi! I would love to win this bag because, first of all, it’s so amazingly gorgeous and secondly, it would definitely brighten up the dark winter days and hard school work laying ahead of me. The absolute dream bag! :D

  304. The bag is fucking amazing! I would be the happiest girl on Stockholms cold & empty street this winter if I would be the winner. So please santa, say that I am the lucky one?

    HOHO! Happy x-mas fellows!


  305. I should win the bag because….
    I love this page(fashionsquad), and also the wonderfull Botkier
    I really want to win this stunning bag because its so beautiful, practical and also chic.
    THANKS for this awesome giveaway !!!
    Greetings from Ecuador SOUTHAMERICA!!!

  306. I would like to win that bag because it’s really amazing ;) i like it very much and i need a brown leather bag like that.

    i follow you on bloglovin’ and facebook but i haven’t a twitter account.


  307. This is THE perfect bag for me. I always wanted a brown leather bag and this bag is just lovely! I really need a oversized bag, would be perfect for school or for going out. I need this bag because I am actually trying to find a perfect bag for me that isn’t that expensive but beautiful with good quality too. This one = perfect!

    I love your blog. When I found it a while ago, I scrolled down and read ALL your entries, because I was so addicted in the moment and loved it.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway !!

    Following you on Facebook and Botkier on Twitter now.


  308. Hey Carolina,
    Thanks so much for hosting this great giveaway before Christmas. This bag would make me so happy because I have been spending a lot of time on gifts for others. It would go with my entire wardrobe! No seriously, this bag is beautiful, the leather, the gold accents, and of course the double strap! I would love to have it for the versatility. Thanks again!


  309. First of all, I loooove your blog and your style. :) I think I should win this bag not only because this would be my first ever designer piece, but also the bag is just perfect. I can fit all day to day necessities in this bag. The leather is so damn luxe, it can puke out cash. And the color is so rich — it’s perfect! :)

  310. I`m a simple person but with this bag,I would be elegant, georgeous and stunning. This would be the best christmas gift for myself after all my hard works for the whole year.

  311. I NEED this bag because I’ve always had terrible lucks with my bags! They’d rip, break, get damage, ect. Because I could never afford those pricey… real nice things. I also think I deserve this bag because I will be starting new in an unfamiliar place, school, everything in a different state and I would like to make an impressionable first impression with this bag. Nothing would make me feel more confident than to have this bag with me when I walk through the hall ways of my new school.


  312. wow! that is a designer’s bag… i need to grab that! i really like the style and the quality. this is really a very, very nice christmas gift if i win
    liked and followed…

  313. Name: Maggie Rose Regan

    liked & followed!

    I should win this bag because I’m 20 years old and only own one small purse. I’m moving from DC to London in a few weeks and winning this bag would be absolutely unreal. I would be able to strut all around the city with this fabulous bag and it’s truly a classic timeless beauty that I will have and love forever :)

  314. I would like to win this bag because it fulfills all my brown bag dreams.
    It’s classic without being to stuctured, fussy, or old fashioned. The size is perfect; not to small and not so big it’s weighing you down. Not to mention the gorgeous deep brown color and what I know is amazingly supple leather(just because of the Botkier reputation).

    Regardless of the winner; Thanks for hosting this contest. :)

  315. It’s a great colour which will match anything and big enough to carry all my junk! I would love to win this bag. Thanks x

  316. I should win this chick bag so that I may give it as 8th wedding anniversary present to my wife this December 28th!

    followed you on twitter as @cornelio03 and on facebook as cornelio mallare


  317. Hello Carolina,

    A 50-year-old (excuse me for my age) hardworking mom like me never fails to get one of best and the most fashionable designer bags in the world because I deserve to look good and feel good with a bag like this (and also make me feel really young inside and outside). Having a bag like Botkier Beck Hobo is like getting the best in the whole wide world and will definitely make my year 2010 end so happily and welcome the year 2011 with a smile on my beautiful face. It’s a perfect early Christmas present for people of my age.

    I hope I can get to win this amazing, fabulous, chic, trendy bag :-)

    Happy Holidays Carolina & more power to your wonderful style blog FashionSquad!


  318. I already followed you Facebook and followed Botkier on Twitter.
    My email is lina(dot)creo(at)gmail(dot)com

    Thank you

  319. I would love to win this bag because I have literally never won anything in my life! Not to mention, I’ve been lusting after this bag for a while : ) x

  320. You can help this bastard be forgiven once and for all. I lost my sisters long loved Botkier bag long ago. She never forgave me. You can practically see the Disney birds fluttering around you whispering in your ear in a sing song-ey voice, “She is the one. She is the oooone.”
    Oh and my eyes are always heart shaped. Well, maybe not. – TOOMUCHROCKANDROLL

  321. hi carolina!

    LOVE ur blog and ur amazing look!
    the bag is TO DIE FOR.

    i’ve already liked you on facebook and followed botkier on twitter as well! please please PUH-LEASE gimme the bag!
    cuz.. erm… it’s my birthday! ;)
    (good enough a reason?)

  322. Because I am a girl of fashion,
    and bags simply my biggest passion,
    I want, I need, I crave this beauty
    And with it I will be a cutie!

    If fashionsquad choose little me
    I will be as happy as can be!

    Merry Christmas from Ebba in Sweden :)

  323. The reason : I love your blog,your fashion and fashion in general. Let’s keep it simple. :D Keep on blogging it will make my day.

  324. I deserve to win this Botkier Beck Hobo so I can look best in the office. This stylish bag is easy to pair with any outfit thus upon imagining its actual size, I can say that all my things can fit in. Not only that because I’ll also carry it with me when I go shopping! I really should win this bag, just in time before my current bag finally gives up on me. :( It would be a great gift for me this Christmas too! :)

  325. Hello Carolina,

    I have always been fascinated with fab+hip+chic +super hot designer bags like Botkier Beck Hobo since the design have superb balance between luxury and practicality because of its luxurious Italian lambskin and the details of the bag.

    It’s just so perfect for the fast-paced life of students like me and will be a perfect buddy for my daily schooling. However, I cannot afford one right now since I am just a student so I am pretty much looking forward to having this as a Christmas present from the ultimate fashion guru Carolina.

    I’m sure I’ll become more inspired to study, get myself employed after school, collect stylish Botkier bagsand be like one of the inspiring fashion bloggers someday like you Carolina.

    Happy Holidays everyone especially you Carolina :)

    Best regards,

  326. I just finished my school project about upcoming trends. My group choosed 70’s glamour and we jused the vogue cover as one of the inspiration pictures on our moodboard!It would be a lot of fun to phrase the trend with the beatiful 70’s bag!

  327. I deserve this bag because when I first saw it, I was reminded about how a basic simple yet elegant hobo bag could represent fashion and what it brings to a person. Being a huge fan of not only bags but the bigger picture, fashion, I can appreciate the aspects of this bag in my opinion, the most because of my huge love for fashion and what it makes me feel. When I see this bag, I want to shout to the world and dance around with nothing but my PJ’s because that’s fashion to me.

    I hope I win this bag but even if I don’t, i’ll still continue living fashion and what it does to everyone

  328. This is the first time I attended this event. I look forward to my first time to win:) I really love fashion, I wanted to like fashion bloggers in various parts of the world but unfortunately I do not have enough money for it: (

    I want to win the bag ♥. WHY?
    I have many reasons, because:
    ♥ bag that caught my attention, so I followed this event and hope to win.
    ♥ this is an amazing bag. Oh God
    ♥ To be honest, I’ve never seen this bag. Especially in my country this may not exist
    ♥ I love the color, not tacky and simple:)
    ♥ I need it for school
    ♥ I will not be able to buy it, because I do not have enough money: (
    ♥ On 6 December is my birthday, I really hope this can be a beautiful gift for me:)
    ♥ COOL

    two thumbs up from me
    Love ♥
    Purwaniti Reef Goddess


  329. Mila Puljiz

    It is just an amazing bag and when I saw how you wear it I immediatelly fell in love.It is a piece everyone should have in their closet.This bag would make this Christmas the BEST one ever!
    And you are my style icon so whatever you wear has to be good.You can never go wrong.

  330. The shape, the rich color, the gorgeous textured leather, the sexy straps and hardware…I’m in love with this Botkier Beck Hobo!!! I wouldn’t mind waking up to this bag everyday! Till death do us part ;)

  331. Because I am in love with fashion and this bag but cannot afford it. This would be my first designer bag ever and would be an early Christmas gift that I would be so thankful for!

    P.S. Merry early Christmas!

  332. Name :: Kanoon

    E-mail ::

    I should win this bag because the BROWN BAG always look good with my outfits and
    this will be perfectly for carry my (many many many…) stuffs. I love brown bag.
    It’s easy to mix and match and good with any style.

  333. I love the bag! I should win the bag beacuse I am looking for a new bag, because mine is broken :/

  334. This Bag was made for me! I am an LA girl born and raised w/ a unique bohemian chic style!!!!!
    This Bag is totally missing from my life and I’d be the envyyyyy of all my friends ;)
    Plus I can take it to Stockholm when I go to visit my boyfriends family!!!!!

    <3 Brenda

  335. I would like to win this bag because I want to have a bag that can be use by boys and girls. Also me and and my sisters can use it in different outfits. I love this so much. :)

  336. I should win the bag cause I just started a French law degree despite not being a native French speaker and I need some real motivation to keep me going!

  337. Why, should I get this bag. Good question…
    Well, I’m a 15 years old girl from Switzerland. And i’m quiet obsessed with fashion.
    But I live in a very small town, and I’m stuck here ’cause of my age…
    It has always been my biggest dream, to visit Paris or London and attending to Fashion shows, or just to go shopping. :)
    So, ’til now the stunning world of fashion is just in magazines for me, and in Blogs.
    And now, a piece of this amazing fashion world (which’s farfaaaaar away) could come to me.
    As an early christmas present,
    or as the piece in my closet who makes me happy everyday
    and who let’s me hope that my dreams once could come true.
    This would be the best thing which’s ever happened to me.

    I really wanted to thank you anyway for all the great inspirations.
    So, I’m very happy to know your Blog. Thank you so much!

  338. There’s only one word for the bag WONDERFUL!, and I would be so glath if I won it! It would be the little extra in my casual normal life :)

  339. I would like to win this bag because it reminds me of Christmas and a wonderful hot chocolate :) mmm chocolate Botkier ♥ love it

  340. I love this bag! Can’t believe you have a giveaway with it <3 I should win this bag because first of all I love it! and because it would be the first designer bag that I would own.

    btw, love your blog! Wish the norwegians could be as fashionable as the swedish…

    I liked on Facebook + I followed on Twitter.
    I am a HARD working gal in the cold cold city schlepping each and everyday working tenaciously towards my dreams. I’ve had some set backs and I’ve learned to look at them as pinnacles to help me succeed and conquer all I set out to do! Why do I deserve to win? Because I have realized that it is my divine RIGHT to be a winner in life and to attract all that I want…and what do I want? The Haute Botkier Bag! I sound like a self-help cliche but I’ve realized that all is beautiful in the world and why should I tote a beautiful bag too?


    Love & Gratitude.. Good Luck to all the Entrants…

  342. Ann Zhuang

    Initially I hesitated to enter this prize (I know how silly of me!) coz this is a bit more edgy than my usual style, but I just kept coming back to worship it again and again and finally I decided I WANT IT and this is gonna be a turning point of my style!

  343. Why I should NOT win this bag on December 6th!

    Why should I tell how much I want this gorgeous bag? All the other girls that take part in this competition already listed all must-have aspects of this phenomenal giveaway. And I do totally understand them: we are girls and as such, we all deserve a wonderful bag like this. Until now, I am not telling anything new;-)

    But what would actually happen if I was the girl that would win this bag? How much other things would change in my life?!

    First of all, I would have to start to team my brown boots with my new brown bag. How would THAT look like? …now that all my friends got used to the fact that I really can’t find a perfect brown bag and as a consequence I always have to wear my brown boots with a black(!) bag (shame on me, I know)…

    Second, if I won, I would feel so bad for all the other girls that I probably would have to spend all the money, that I have already saved for the perfect brown bag (that I want to buy somewhere along the way…), on much bigger Christmas presents for my family and friends.

    Third, I worry about Louis Vuitton. What would they think if they discovered that there was at least one single girl on earth that would doubtlessly choose the brown Botkier Beck Hobo over a Speedy?

    Fourth, my mom would probably stop borrowing me her bags because she would argue that MY bag is prettier!

    Fifth, having this gorgeous bag would be like having a child: I would need to take care of it all the time! Consequently, it wouldn’t be possible for me any longer to go in a club and leave my handbag with “some guys” we know.

    Sixth, this bag would stop my aggressiveness: it wouldn’t be possible for me any longer to come home angrily and just bung my bag in some corner…I couldn’t do this to THIS leather!

    Voilà! Could I really cope with so many changes in my life? At least, I would love to get the opportunity trying it! And if it should turn out that I really can’t deal with this beautiful object, I can always send it back to its godmother Carolina ;-)

  344. Because at 22 I still do not own any beautiful bags. It will be great that botkier is my first branded and beautiful bag!

  345. well isn’st this giveaway and this BAG lovely…..
    been looking for one like this one but couldnt find it here in mexico.. anyways it’d be lovely if i get it!!!

    just love the color and big bags so i ca fit everything in there.
    i send my regards all the way to NYC… love it there!!

  346. I just LOVE it! im seriously in love with boho style and just LOVE Fashion Squad- its my style inspiration (: I look at it everyday for ideas on what to wear and how to wear it (= You’re a true fashionista and drop-dead gorgeous i have to say! Anyways , bak on topic, I would LOVE to have this bag because it would be my first designer bag, since money is tight and all that ): I would really love a chance to own it because i havent had the chance to shop )= I hope I’m chosen! Thanks for reading my blabber! (x

  347. Because I’m a modern, urban woman with a busy lifestyle and an affinity for Botkier bags!

    Hope I win :)


  348. farrah garcia

    i should win this bag because i’ve had a shitty year and i’ve been looking for the perfect hobo bag–and winning this would satisfy the two reasons! winning something would make up for the awful year i had. so i hope you pick me!! =)

  349. Hello!

    I would love to be the proud owner of this bag. I am trying to get into fashion school and a bag like this could help me get a long way.


  350. Every year my mom buys me a handbag for Christmas. This year I had no idea what i would ask for UNTIL I saw the Botkier bags! They’re gorgeous, and the only thing I’ve *asked for* for Christmas!

  351. I love this bag! It’s so practical, with the two strap options and lots of room. Plus, it will go with a lot and it’s really cute! Very well designed, I could use this bag all the time. I also like botkier a lot. I could fit pellegrino, sherlock holmes ( the book ), my wallet, phone and makeup in this bag. Maybe even some peppermint bark, tis the season, haha.

  352. I love this bag! I think I NEEEEED it because, why not? I’m a connoisseur of handbags. I love finding fantastic “cheap” pieces just as much as my designer purses. HOWEVER, I absolutely adore this Botkier. The chocolate-y brown color is so simple and classic, just like the silhouette of the bag. And the hobo styles makes it so easy to carry everything, especially when you carry everything with you. (:

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!


    Lydia Baucum
    lbaucum (at) gmail (dot) com

  353. Oh herregud. Att få vinna en botkier väska skulle vara .. Mer än en ära! Jag tycker jag förtjänar väskan eftersom jag följer din blogg som .. en slav kanske man kan säga. Och även fast jag får jättemycket inspiration och älskar din blogg skulle det vara jättekul att få något tillbaka. Bara en gång. Och förresten tror jag att jag såg dig på Fridhemsplan igår, om det var du så var du lika fint klädd som alltid! Keep up the good work! / Jessica

  354. I’m already imagining my books and nnotebooks in that bag as I place it over my shoulder and walk to class. Being a student, Icannot afford such delicacies. This bag would accompany me to Italy next sememster as I study abroad. I adore te color, size, and material so much it will probably never get put down!

  355. Easy, this bag simply matches perfectly with my christmass outfit! And beside that, this bag is perfect for every single occasion.
    Lovley <3

    Sophia Saglia
    ( )

  356. Hi Carolina :-)

    botkier is a brand so cool
    that everyone who doesn’t love is a fool
    especially there designer bags I really admire
    the design makes me wanna be a future buyer
    ohh year – Botkier Beck Hobo
    makes me wanna se ho ho :)
    your blog will maybe here my wish
    ’cause christmas time it suddenly is

    xoxo Mine

  357. I would really love to give this gorgeous bag to my mom for christmas. She would love the beautiful rich colour and the hobo style of the bag itself. Botkier and Fashion Squad a perfect match!

  358. Hej! Jag skulle vilja vinna väskan för att jag helt enkelt vill ha den och tycker den är skitsnygg!
    Ha en fortsatt trevlig helg.

  359. Having the perfect bag need not be the priciest one. In my case, I would really want to win this bag because I’ve been carrying the same old boring black bag for more than 3 years already. Given my very hectic schedule, I find it quite hard to buy the perfect bag that would suit me – my personality, my style, and my needs. This bag is perfect for me since this is very chic, the color is perfect for different outfits, and the size is big enough to fit all of my things (very heavy!). I would be more than glad to receive this as a present for my 28th birthday in 15 more days.

    Starrie Sun

  360. Winning the Botkier will be a first in our country, a headline in the papers, and viral phenomenon that would struck the Web.
    I’ll make sure of that.

  361. I should win this bag because it’ll be a marker in my life, graduating college and on to bigger and better things. Why not do it with a Botkier bag?

  362. Ahhh, this bag would be the perfect match for my winter aviator jacket, looks like it’s the same colour:) Also, if I get the bag, You can be sure that it will have a long life in caring hands of mine:D I’m a person who appreciates my belongings very much:)
    Thank You for this giveaway!:)

  363. Hey!
    Why should I win? The answer is simple! I want a surprise for Christmas ;)

  364. Because .. I need a bag !!! That actually holds books and looks good at the same time !! ARGH, my other bag just broke last week, and I also lost my Ferragamo belt…… A new bag would keep my soul at ease, sigh, LOL.

  365. hi! I absolutely loved the bag and its kind of brown! it reminded me a chocolate bar!
    i’d like to win the bag ’cause these Christmas i’m going to Barcelona on a trip with my friends and I think it would be the perfect accessory to wear with my wayfarers and my faux-fur coat! ’cause it’s big enough to carry out all my stuff (and of course my camera, to take amazing photographs!)

  366. I would love to win this bag…only because I cannot afford a Botkier bag, so winning this would be a blessing!

  367. I wanna win the bag because it is a beautiful bah that I have seen and wanted for a long time now, but I cant afford because I have a baby in my belly that will need clothing and food and everything when she comes out :) for the next couple of years I have to be really, really careful with money, being a 17 year old mum and in the future: student.
    The bag is so classic and timeless that I can wear it for years to come, when I will not be able to buy anything like this myself.

  368. I would LOVE to win this Botkier bag! Botkier bags are FABULOUS and I’ve always wanted one, but I am a poor law school student and cannot afford such a treasure! I am in the midst of law school exams, and this would be the best little reward after a long month of studying!

  369. I deserve to win this bag, because it would be my first designer win and a Botkier at that!
    Botkier deserves to be the first designer win for everyone!

  370. I should win this bag because honestly the first time i saw it i was like “gahhhh i’ve never heard botkier before but this brand absolutely makes a perfect bag. This one looks so absolutely beautiful with all the details. I always adore brown bag and i definitely want it so badly :)


  371. I should win the bag becuase mine just broke, and i do not have money to buy a new one!!

  372. I need this roomy bag because I’ll have to stay under the limit of a 20kg suitcase for my flight to visit my fam, so I neeeeeeeeed room in my carry-on-luggage for their presents ;)

  373. because I have been dreaming about this bag for a while now! It is GORGEOUS!!!

  374. I am extremely shocked i have only just stumbled upon your blog, i don’t know how i’ve missed it. Your style is impeccable and have such a strong following. I would love to win this bag of course, but it gives me equal satisfaction when i stumble upon a blog like yours, they are both an on going love. Crossing my fingers though, and will be keeping up to date with your posts from now. Jorgia x

  375. I would love win the bag because i’m looking since more than ONE year for the perfect brown bag.
    And THIS is the perfect one.

  376. the bag is brown,
    no not tan,
    something to wear all over town,
    i love this bag,
    indeed i do,
    let me show you what i can do.
    i’d wear it here,
    i’d wear it there,
    it’s nothing that can compare.


  377. I just love the bag! The reason why I sholud win it? I do not really have any good reason, except for that my lovely bag is broken and i really need a new one, and this bag is absolutely perfect!

  378. December 2th was my birthday and also the worst day in my life. I stood at the airport and suddenly I was hit by a parasite that seems to infect my whole town (at least like 10 000 after one week). So I missed my plane, my bag was send to Arlanda and I’ve been lying in bed for the whole weekend. This fantastic bag might heal my misery this weekend!

  379. Omg i need this bag,
    it is the right color,
    it mix and match with any clothing,
    it is big,
    it fits lots of stuff,
    including my everyday necessaries magazine,phone,cardigan,book,lip gloss,makeup,
    ahh you can wear it with the straps and without the straps.
    i can totally rock this bag with any look at all.
    i haven’t own a leather bag before,
    these bag are expensive and i cannot afford it,
    this will be my first,
    the bag i am using now has been used ages,
    most of my bags are given to me,
    i haven’t actually get to pick my own bag,
    this one would be the one i like and i pick it myself.

    ps it would be greatly appreciated if i win and the above reasons are why i love it<3

  380. Why I should win this bag. Because I absolutely love fashion and thats just one truely amazinglooking bag. I always try to have nice and unique things and with this bag i would just look so stunning. I would take it with me to school/work/shopping all the time and it would match my style perfectly :)

  381. This bag is fantastic! I love the design and the 70’s inspired chic hippie look! I think it reflects your fashionable vintage style Carolina and your style and blog is such an inspiration to me! Cheeers! Jane. xo

  382. Hello,

    I just fall in love with this beautiful bag.

    And the reason why I should win this bag is, that my favourite magazin “the vogue” (which I have to carry all the time) would fit in perfectly.

    Besides brown matches wonderfully to my blonde hair.

    Best Regards,

  383. This bag is stunning!!!! I should win this bag because I could never in a million years afford it and it would look amazing on my shoulder when I go to New York City for Christmas! I love this blog and thanks for this opportunity!

  384. That this bag is the perfect bag is something that most people agrees on and so do I, simple but at the same time something that stands out. I’m drowning in studies in a dark, wintercold Sweden right now and this bag would really cheer me up, bigtime!

  385. I should win the botkier bag, because i need some glamour in my cold, filled with studies life!!
    something that make me shine stronger than what the reflexions from snow does!!!
    it’s a stunnning bag and every detail is made with the most beautiful sense of style!!
    i just love love love it

  386. i would love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love to win this bag! it’s beautiful!

    I think I deserve to win since I’ve been studying my butt of these past few months trying to get my nursing degree. =]


  387. 5 reasons why i should win this Botkier Beck Hobo:
    1) i love!
    2) i love Botkier!
    3) i’m probably the first taiwanese who comments on this giveaway!
    4) this bag is going to look so gorgeous on me especially on christmas dinner!
    5) it’s would be a promotion for Botkier in taiwan! many taiwanese would be so jealous and dying for the bag for sure!

  388. I should win this bag because last time I went on the botkier website, I saw THE MOST AMAZING BAG EVER (this one, the stunning BECK hobo handbag)! I thought it was beautifully designed and that I had NO bag like that. I don’t work these days because school is asking a lot of me, therefore I don’t have movie and, even if I did, it’s out of my price range. Especially when you are 17. Anyways, I couldn’t buy and then I visited you blog (not for the first time btw, I go on it about once a day haha)and there it was, the most amazing, unexpected and perfectly timed miracle. THE GIVEAWAY! I simply had to win this bag.
    Thank you for the opportunity + thank you for this fashion filled blog, it keeps me wanted to look FAB.
    – Sarah
    ps : Sorry for this extremely long explenation.

  389. I want this Botkier bag because it’s so versatile and I desperately need a bag for all occasions instead of switching different bags every other day, it’s such a hassle! Also because it’s BOTKIER! I love their bags and would love to actually own one instead of just oogling at them online! I’ve never won a giveaway before so winning this would be the best xmas gift EVER! Thanks for the oppurtunity! <3
    Fingers crossed!!

    Ashley K.

Black &amp; White
the Litas
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