15 thoughts on “bootsandjacket

  1. hey carolina!
    first of all: i follow your blog for months now and i love it :)
    do you know where i can get those stunning boots? i neeeeeeed them!
    xoxo. anna.

  2. I love the crafty embroidering on the jacket, definitely makes it for me and those look like some very comfortable boots, I can sort of visualize them on my closet ^^

  3. I love this girl! Her blog is wheredidugetthat and it’s amazing

  4. I’m pretty sure those boots are the emma cook for topshop ones…
    I love reading your blogs with the ‘inspirational pictures’ too cool!

  5. How the hell do you know every other top blogger but you do not know Karen from Where Did You Get That?…typical…

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