148 thoughts on “blue skyes

  1. nice outfit! like how you keep everything else “neutral” as the shoes are sparkling like mr. cullen!

  2. Finally someone posted the sparkly amazing ones. I truly love you for this. Hmmm I should have added them to my shoe inspiration blog. Ahhh maybe next time.

  3. Hi! my name is Suzanne and i’m currently studying Fashion&branding in Amsterdam. You might be interested in a challenge that I’m starting tomorrow:


    It’s a project where around 20 people from all around the globe who are directly linked with fashion, stop buying clothing & accessories (so also no underwear & socks) for a year!! You can follow our ups and downs as we have different assignments throughout the year as well,

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  4. Oh defo loving this girl. I basicaly want to be her… I wish I had the bravery and a driver to wear shoes like this all the time! :-P

  5. I thought I’d like these more but idk I wish the heel was different. They’re still cute and I’ll probably get them eventually…

  6. I couldn’t stop staring at your blazer, and when I saw you wrote it was your boyfriend’s, I loved it even more!


  7. NICE **** GIRL!!! The only little mistake – It’s spelled SKIES and not SKYES. kisses.

  8. I want to have these shoes, too!(but if it depends on you parents to order them there is no chance to get them!)
    love your blog!

  9. Ohhhh I love these sparkly Lita’s more then my own Lita’s
    but onthe other hand mine are more “basic” :)


  10. Why does everyone like these shoes? They are HIDEOUS! Not just the silver ones, but ALL OF THEM. I feel like they are a trend that people are going to look back on and be like WTF? Why did we all copy each other and wear these? Kind of like that platform Spice Girls shoes trend. Except these ones are more hooker-esque. UGH!

  11. I love the shoes though they do remind me a little bit of space boots or a pair of disco balls on your feet. They make a statement and you clearly have a distinct sense of style.

  12. Oh my god – you have the Glitter Litas <3
    I am so jealous.
    I see that SoleStruck is sold out of them so I have to patiently wait until the time is right.

    You look fabulous <3
    style activist

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