Blue jeans, white shirt

carolina engman RM jeansPictures by Mattias Swenson

RM DENIM. We shot these pictures last week for a super fun collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff who asked me to show my take on a pair of jeans from her new denim line. Personally, I’m always on the hunt for that perfect pair of jeans that will magically transform my body into Gisele Bündchens (you know what I’m talking about ladies!) but I’m not willing to compromise when it comes to comfort. The verdict? The JANE jean is super comfy, fits like a glove and has that that perfect “worn and loved” feel that takes years to achieve on your own, serious favorite jeans potential! What about turning into Gisele? Well, sadly, I’m still plain ol’ me, but I did get compliments on how great my butt looked in them, so that has to count for something, right?

The jeans are available on and each pair of denim sold triggers a donation to the ‘No Kid Hungry’ campaign which can connect a child in need with up to 20 meals!

carolina engman leather jacketcarolina engman rebecca minkoff jeansCarolina Engman leather jacket 2

carolina engman celine sunglassescarolina engman RM jane jeanscarolina engman biker jacketcarolina engman blue jeans white shirt

JEANS Rebecca Minkoff (here). LEATHER JACKET Minusey. SHIRT Cloth&Stone (here). HEELS Tibi (here). BAG Rebecca Minkoff. NECKLACE Fashionsquad x Cooee.

121 thoughts on “Blue jeans, white shirt

  1. The perfect combination! Also love how worn and comfortable they look yet still fit like a glove- nice choice :)


  2. Don’t envy Gisele, you have amazing legs ;) I really do love how those jeans fit, they seem to be an amazing pair!

  3. This has to be one of my all time favs from all of your looks! PERFECTION!!!

    xx, V

  4. That outfit is so simple, but so amazingly stylish! I love the white shirt and jeans combination!

  5. You’re so right, your bum looks great in them hahah this look is perfect, timeless and the red lip whips it altogether :)

  6. Love this look & they indeed look like the perfect jeans.

  7. Flawless. I love every aspect of this look. The first thing to catch my eye was the quilt work on the leather jacket, I love the detail. I am also in love with these jeans and I am thinking about purchasing some myself! Oh and your shoes? amazing. You have great style!

  8. Wow!!! You look gorgeous and hot! Love the outfit especially the jacket. You def made the right choice in this outfit. Love it!

  9. I don’t know if you read my comment on the previous post, but as I told you, you look amazing in pants and you should get this look more often. After all, you are just a yound and fresh girl :-) ;-)

  10. I’m always on the hunt for great denim, will have to try these out! And yes, they make your bum looks pretty amazing in those!

    Love from Los Angeles

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