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PENNYBLACK. Together with 4 other bloggers I have teamed up with Pennyblack for a project called Blog & the city. Each week a new blogger will show her way of styling Pennyblack with pictures taken in her favorite parts of the city she lives in , and I’m first up! To see the looks that I have styled, like Pennyblack on Facebook!

30 thoughts on “Blog & the City

  1. It is reallllly funny to see the comic picture and actually recognize each of you. But somehow you all are wearing the same handbag? ^^

    Oh, and I love your stylings! Already saw them earlier today. :)

  2. love it! well done…

    What do you think about my new hat and my new outfit”’??????

  3. Oh gosh! How cool is that! Nice that you’re the first one so I don’t have to wait too long ;)
    Which are the other bloggers?

    And I was wondering, what do you think of Zara? I made a post about my favorite Zara looks. Here: fashion // COLLECTION
    Which one is your favorite? I’m very curious :)

    Love from,

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