47 thoughts on “black/white

  1. those boots are so amazing! and you look really beautiful. i wish it were already cold enough for me to wear jackets and lots of black… soon, i hope! i know this is a dorky thing to say, but i’ve just started a blog, so drop by if you ever want to!

  2. Great outfit, simple but chic.Is the blouse from the current collection?Saw some nice white blouses in Zara a couple of days ago.
    You look really beautiful in that close up pic, and love the shoes!

  3. beautiful!!! looking forward to your answers- are you still going to post that??!

  4. another perfect outfit.
    i’m pretty sure i have those gloves, and i can’t wait for it to cool down so i can wear them under jacket like you did here.
    and that closeup of you is just stunning. i can’t stop staring at your amazing eye makeup!

  5. Wooow the uncluttered/architectural side of this Black § White mix is frankly Astonishing, a fortiori with such an evanescent laid back vibrancy . . . that the wild/nonchalant fall of your mane ideally illustrates !!!

  6. Amazing pics of you, you’re gorgeous <3
    I absolutely adore basics, they never get out of style and you always have so many options of putting them together in one outfit..totally worth the investment :)

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