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WEDNESDAY. So sorry about the lack of updates lately! as I mentioned in my previous post we’re in the midst of renovating our new apartment so the past couple of days has been pretty hectic, but things are slowly moving forward and I’m seriously counting down the days until the move. And speaking of countdowns, in less then a month these wedges that me, Andy & Chiara designed for Mango will be out in selected stores + online, such a surreal feeling! Can’t wait until it get’s a bit warmer outside so I can start wearing them!


95 thoughts on “black/gold

  1. Hope they sell it in Spain also!!!

  2. I just can’t wait to buy those babys they are so pretty those sandals kisses
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  3. People write ‘i love it’ but sometimes they do not really mean it.. but.. I REALLY LOVE THESE SHOES!


  4. Again congrats on your collaboration, how exciting! I love alle the pieces I have seen so far! And these wedges absolutly rock!! Good luck with your move!


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