Stylestalker leggings. Bird waistcoat. Camilla Skovgaard shoes. American Apparel bag. Karen Walker sunglasses. Indiska striped top.

LACEUP. The tricky part about traveling a lot is the lack of time to edit pictures. I still have a lot of pictures from both New York & Milan that I haven’t posted yet so get ready for some time traveling. This is what I wore to the Sportmax show during Milan fashion week, about one week ago. I love these incredible Camilla Skovgaard shoes to death, even though they are one of the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I own..


109 thoughts on “Black/Blue

  1. love the mix of texture- the waistcoat and the lace ups then the shiny yellow clutch- gorgeous. Adore the skovgards bummer to hear they are not so comfy- they look so good.Katie.xx
    fashion clocked

  2. Love the clutch. The spark of color that it gives pretty much lightens up the whole outfit. Plus the fur. The combination of the two gets the outfit from the too black zone.

    alexandra @

  3. Lovely legging and I love your purple nail match with yellow bag match with orange Hermes bangle!!

  4. Your outfits always inspire me.
    I’m amazed about your style and photos.

    Here you can find a huge fan :)


  5. I was wondering, did you buy the bag yourself or did you get it from someone? Cause I can’t find the yellow version on thei e-shop.

  6. Adela S: I bought it in the American Apparel store in Soho in NY, they had pink, dark green, yellow + some other ones, I think it depends on which store you go to but they don’t sell the colorful ones online

  7. AMAZING, i love the little fur addition, and adore the yellow clutch. your hair looks beautiful as well.

    <3 steffy

  8. AMAZING, i love the little fur addition, and adore the yellow clutch. your hair looks beautiful as well.

    <3 steffy

  9. i love your nailpolish can u tell me where i can find it??or what´s its brand??thanksss

  10. Beautiful booties! You know what the French say: “Il faut souffrir pour etre belle.”

  11. I saw those leggings on a few months back. I love how you styled them sort of glammed up rather than grunged down( which would have been easier, I think)


  12. Carolina-
    This is definitely a whole ‘lotta look but you pull it off so effortlessly with the dark colors and that bold shot of yellow!! Wouldn’t miss you from a mile away…you look ohsoFAB!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

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