black & white

Pictures by Mattias Swenson

BACK IN BLACK. Sorry about the lack of outfit posts this week, my boyfriend (who takes all my pictures) is currently in NY on a business trip which makes shooting outfit pictures a little difficult but, he’ll be back tomorrow! ;) Until then, a snapshot from last weekend!

ZARA jacket, BIK BOK jeans. DIN SKO shoes, COS beanie, H&M clutch. OYSHO snood.


64 thoughts on “black & white

  1. Hope Mattias has a great time in NYC! I’m dreaming about going there next summer… if I can keep my hands off from all of those amazing Alexander Wang bags that I have seen in stores… :D Mission impossible, but gotta try. Saving for trip is always SO HARD! I always think “If I don’t take this bag, it will be gone forever… but New York is always there… so…”. I have to take a grip now and start saving for NYC!

    How many times you have been in The City That Never Sleeps, Carolina? :)

    xx Teemu

  2. I have these shoes, but bad for me I live in a city that streets are cobbly, it’s imposible to walk :D But I love how feminite they look. And you look soo gorgeous!

  3. Hi Carolina! Really love those boots that you have from dinsko!! Do you now where I can by them online?! I’m from Portugal, and I can’t find them online!! REEEEEEEALLY love them.. they seem kinda perfect! Thank you!

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