25 thoughts on “black, white and tortoise

  1. I have to admit I always loved your looong hair but everyone needs a change every now and then, right? I think the shorter hair looks great on you, too. But what really caught my attention are your shoes, they’re just divine!!!


  2. you look like a whole new person with the new hair- in a good way!
    isn´t it incredible how a change in hairstyle affects what you´re wearing?


  3. You look so pretty :) i love the wax you dress youself!
    by the way: i found you at lookbook.nu

  4. to be honest- I loved you way more with long hair, because you looked fresh and young.

  5. the hite blouse has a great texture for these hot days! and i really like your ne hair cut, you’re beautiful!

  6. You look like a model? Are you one. Especially in the first pic i can see a strong resemblance to Blake Lively. The perfect pout, the slight head tilt, the casual outfit and the crossed legs. Totally reminds me of her.

    PS Fierce shoes.

  7. Carolina, you are stunningly beautiful! I love your look with short or long hair. You have fantastic taste in clothing and I look forward to reading your blog every morning. Love from Canada!! PS. If you ever decide to get replace your miumiu bag… I would love to buy it!

  8. the shorts, the shirt, the sunnies, the shoes, the bracelets…PERFECTION!

    i especially like the shirt…it reminds me of a james perse shirt i recently saw. the texture and flow of the shirt is quite reminiscent of the dries shirt from one of your previous posts.



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