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One of a kind Velvet dress, American Gold

ONEOFAKIND. I couldn’t believe my eyes when Suzanne from American Gold emailed me and told me that she had made three one of a kind versions of a dress from the fall 10 collection, and that one of them was for me! Last week my “sheer black velvet burnout dress with slight bell sleeves and a fringe hem” arrived and it couldn’t be more perfect!!
Just had to do a 60’s inspired make up to go with it;)

I can’t thank you enough Suzanne, I will wear it until it falls apart!

104 thoughts on “black velvet

  1. this is perfection, really. your face is like porcellain.
    and what an honour to receive one of these beautiful dresses!

    btw: what lipstick did you use here, I love the shade.


  2. I love your make up in these photos. you should wear it like this more often!

  3. herregud. säg till när den faller isär för då vill jag ha den. hel eller inte, den här klänningen är så fruktansvärt perfekt att jag bara dör.

  4. den ser ut som en gardin om du frågar mig..

    The dress absolutely looks like a bad curtain!

  5. the fact that it’s one of a kind makes it even more special. my whole closet is practically H&M; it makes me want to go out and find a piece no one else has!
    and your makeup is stunning. i say this every time, but you take the most amazing pictures!

  6. your makeup looks gorgeous on you its perfect! what lipstick are you using?
    and i just thrifted a long sleeved button down in almost the exact same pattern
    i can’t wait to wear it now

  7. gorgeous pictures! I love your outfit, and that lipcolour is beautiful! What kind of lipstick is it?

  8. This dress reminds me of the Prada ones out this past winter season. So luxurious and rich and glamorous! The ’60s makeup is a definite must :)


  9. The dress is beautiful and looks amazing on you. You remind me alot of Blake Lively in the last pic.

  10. What happened to your beauty- post, weren´t you gonna do one of those?

  11. I love you ! Probably I’ve told you that before, but I must say it again. You’re sooooooooo amazing inspiration for me.
    great pictures,

  12. Beautiful and so kitten-like! I love the fringe on the dress, and the shade of lipstick is lovely.

  13. This dress is gorgeous! I absolutely love the way you styled it too. And your makeup looks beautiful.

  14. Just found out about your blog from a friend. So far I am very impressed, you look stunning and that dress is breath taking.
    Keep it up

  15. You look gorgeous, as always! I just got my Spanish Moss dress that Suzanne sent me as well. If you ever visit the states Let me know, I would love to take you around the best vintage spots!
    <3 Olivia

  16. LOVE your makeup in this post and your hair looks really pretty and voluminous <3 still waiting on your makeup post!

  17. im so into velvet right now, i cant get enough! i think its great to wear, even during the summer.. this is a perfect display of velvet and polka dots! <33

  18. Love love love the dress! New to the blog- It’s fab! :)

    Check mine out – I’m doing an amazing giveaway!! xx

  19. I found your blog via’s blog. Fantastic! Does anyone know the brand/shade of lipstick worn in this shot? I LOVE the color :)

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