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Lace dress, vintage. Shoes, Scorett. Cross necklace, vintage. Sunnies, Vintage. Feather Ring, Headmistress.

MONDAY. Spring has finally arrived and I’ve been living in this gorgeous vintage lace dress the entire weekend. Tomorrow I’m heading over to my parents house to clean out all of the clothes + shoes I’ve been storing at their place since I moved, probably going to put a lot of it on ebay so stay tuned! ;)

97 thoughts on “black lace

  1. Ohh it’s nice to hear that the weather in Stockholm is so great! I’m going to be there in two weeks and hope it won’t be too cold. I was looking for your shopping tipps on a perfect guide yesterday. I remember you also had a interview for vogue about your favorite places in stockholm but i couldn’t find that. I’m hoping to find some ideas for my bf and me as it’s going to be our first trip to stockholm. hope you can give me a hand! :)


  2. ah this is coool!
    btw im thnking of visiting stockholm, all you bloggers make me want to visit,
    any ideas for hotels???

  3. Lovely!!! I am totally obsessed with all things lace now….so pretty and edgy when worn the right way! btw, I LOVE ur platforms!!! they look comfy :)

  4. oh my goodness. where do you find such magnificent things?! the lace + solid wedges = perfection.

  5. omg, this outfit is amazing!
    I love the Lace dress, but your shoes are beyond amazement.

    Theory of a fashion victim

  6. Being a Breakfast at Tiffany’s lover, your glasses enchanted me most.
    It’s the twist that makes the outfit, well done.

  7. dress is very pretty, but i so LOVVVVVVVVVVVVE the shoes.
    i know u told me they dont sell in US :(
    how much do they retail for ?
    i may need them sent…………..
    xo chauss

  8. You look lovely! This dress is perfect…so are the sunglasses- round frames are really coming back ROUND. haha.
    Great look. x x x

  9. i adore the dress its exactly what i’ve been looking for myself, but haven’t just quite found yet :) Hopefully soon!

    x Olivia

  10. this dress is perfection and so is your hair.
    you utter babe. ;)

    yay for spring as well, provides me with lovely nature walks in free periods at uni.


  11. That glasses are fantastic, I saw some similar to those of Verssalhes,I loved them were made for me.

  12. wow. Your shoes are so cool !
    I realy love your pictures,your stil and you are realy georges !
    so I like your blog ;D

  13. Love love love the shoes! Do you know were it can be bought online? Scorett cravings!

  14. Hi, just crossed in your blog today. I love your way of dressing. Effortless! I read here that you are putting your old stuff at Ebay. What’s your ebay so i can search for it and look if there are stuff that might caught my taste. Thank you.

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