Black friday

BLACK. This is what I’ve been looking like the last two days. The shoes are so comfortable that I could live in them forever. Ok, maybe not forever but you get the point.
Faux leather jacket + t-shirt, Primark. Pants, Zara. Shoes, Din sko. Bag, Miu Miu. Bracelet, Hermés.

27 thoughts on “Black friday

  1. Supersnyggt! Var är halsduken ifrån? Och varför skriver du så ofta på engelska nuförtiden? Jag har inget problem med det, men det blir liksom lite personligare på svenska ;P

  2. Skønne, skønne boots! Jeg bliver så arrig, når jeg tænker på, at der ikke findes en Din Sko i min by (som dog er den 2. største by i Danmark!) Her var engang en, men den er borte nu. Jeg fatter det ikke.

  3. Black suits you well. Even though you look great, I really hope to see some more colorful outfits on you in the future…

  4. Props to you for owning this look, I’ve been slacking on my appearance recently! And let me tell you, it sucks to not know that to wear!

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